Janet Mock does not speak for me.

A couple weeks ago, I saw a tweet from Parker Marie Molloy regarding Janet Mock and trans100. I should have screen-capped the tweet to cover my bum, and I am too lazy today to go through all her tweets looking for it. Her tweet said something like: “I’m standing in the presence of greatness.”

“Really?” thought I. Then I went looking for the alleged greatness.

What I found, I did not agree with. I can’t compete with Mock’s media popularity which she is using as a platform in her desire to create a new trans narrative, but I can discuss how Janet’s experiences were different than mine, and why Janet doesn’t speak for me.

On the title “Fish Food” and where “Fish” came from:

[The name] is more of a wink to the community, to the trans women I grew up with. One of the things that was told to me that was encouraging to me growing up was, “Oh, you’re a fish.” Fish is this kind of slang within the community, “Oh you look like a girl, you’re fish.” —Janet Mock

That’s just…yuck. I assume Janet is referring to the local GLBTG scene in Hawaii. The trans women Janet grew up with created and or use the word “fish” to describe looking like a girl. Janet not only seems fine with this, but was winking at her Hawaiian trans community by titling her book “Fish Food”. But there is no harm in calling someone who looks like a girl a “fish”, right? There couldn’t possibly be any negative connotations or baggage associated with that?

Women who grew up socialised as women from birth are bombarded with messages about the unpleasantness of their bodies, especially their vaginas.

“With nicknames like “Fish Taco,” it’s no wonder we freak out. Many women I meet absolutely despise their vaginas, as if they completely buy into whatever childhood messages they were fed about how the vagina is “dirty” and “bad.” For these women, any odor wafting up from down there acts as a big stinky banner of how much they hate their girlness. With vagina nicknames such as “fish taco,” “crotch mackerel,” “cod canal,” “fish factory,” “fuzzy lap flounder,” “tuna town,” and “raw oyster,” it’s no wonder we worry about how we smell.”

— Lissa Rankin, gynecoloist,

How Vaginas Are Supposed To Smell

Best case scenario? Janet Mock’s trans community, the people she learned this from anyway, are clueless on certain aspects of FAB life? Worst case scenario? I could see some women calling out “looks like girl=fish” as misogyny. Although it’s possible there is some harmless element of Hawaiian culture at work there, that I am ignorant about and not factoring in here?

It’s the kind of reasoning you might expect from someone who learned womanhood from transwomen, as opposed to learning womanhood from women who were born and raised as women. Transwomen could not be expected to be sensitized to the issue, because shared boyhood means we didn’t get the memo. But Janet Mock doesn’t accept shared boyhood, which I will go into more, shortly.

On the underground trans-railroad of sex work:

(excerpts from Janet’s b/vlogs)

Yet my economic hurdles were real and urgent, and I couldn’t deny that witnessing the women of Merchant Street take their lives into their own hands, empowered me. Watching these women every weekend gathered in sisterhood and community, I learned firsthand about body autonomy, about resilience and agency, about learning to do for yourself in a world that is hostile about your existence.

These women taught me that nothing was wrong with me or my body and that if I wanted they would show me the way, and it was this underground railroad of resources created by low-income, marginalized women, that enabled me when I was 16 to jump in a car with my first regular and choose a pathway to my survival and liberation.

And so for me yeah, there is this shame attached and a stigma attached to being a sex worker for me, but there’s also the other things I got from that. A sense of community, sisterhood, resiliency, resources, strength. It was like our underground railroad and resources to navigate a system not built for us. And for me that’s what sex work gave me.

Is this empowerful or what? Personally, I found no sense of community, sisterhood and resiliency when I was in the underground railroad. It could be that most of the trans sisters I met who did sex work were junkies, and junkies steal stuff and tell lots of lies! From cosmetics, to clothes, to loose cash lying around, to your paper mail, if you ever invite a street-walking, meth-addled trans-sister to your home, you have to nail everything to the ground or lock it up in a vault.

If you leave the room, or turn your back for even a minute, while a needy, transwoman-addict-sex worker is there, you will lose stuff. I had to deal with the big credit bureaus some years ago, on account that my real name and social security number was jacked by another transwoman I had over my apartment for a few days back in 2002. Said transwoman went on to default on rent payment for an apartment in a different state, and I later had to prove that I was not that transwoman and get my credit fixed.

I’ve written about my experiences working as a prostitute before. I did it for a year and half. I worked the street like Janet and her Merchant Street friends a handful of times over the course of a few weeks. Hopping into cars was very dangerous, illegal, and did not pay well for the risk.

As fast as I could, I developed myself as a commodity, and sold my companionship on the internet for much much more money than you can get on a curb or in a bar. Once I was working from home, and away from my local version of the Merchant Street scene, I had nothing more to do with the vibrant culture of the trans-underground railroad of resources.

Other than the sexy shoes and a lot of taxi rides to expensive hotels, (and the invites to parties and the expensive drugs) there was not much glam to it. It was just a job I did to survive. One that I did only as long as I had to.

The only thing I could consider empowering about the experience of being a professional call-girl was the business angle of it. Namely, developing a product, marketing a service, booking dates, delivering the service to my clients, and getting paid. Then doing it again.
Those are all aspects of successful small business management. I taught myself as I went along. With the money I made, I got off welfare. I paid for my own rent, my food, my hrt, my electrolysis, and my business overhead like make-up, sexy clothes, cab fare, and online advertising space.

For the number of dates I had with guys during that year and half, I was only assaulted once. I exited sex work without stealing from my sisters, without becoming an intravenous drug user, and without getting a sexually transmitted disease or a criminal record. I got out of prostitution alive and in good mental and physical health. I consider myself lucky.

On shared boyhood:

Trans Retcon

Trans Retcon

—Janet Mock @janetmock.com

Why I take issue with this, (or,why there are so many things wrong with this):

You know what retcon means right? Retroactive continuity. It’s a trope that originated in comic books. Essentially it means back-filling a narrative with details and history which may or may not be at odds with established canon.

How does retconning apply to trans-narratives? It happens when a transwoman says of her past life lived as a man, “I was always a girl”.

How do I know it’s a retcon? Because I too transitioned. I wasn’t as fortunate as Janet to transition at eighteen. Had the Marie Clare article been about me, the narrative would be, “Until she was 25, Plastic Girl was a boy”.

Why do I accept this? For starters, how about the boy’s name I was given by my mother? How about sex: male, on my old birth certificate? How about standing in the boys line after recess in school? How about using the men’s restroom a million times? How about two decades being socialized as a guy?

It’s all true. I was born a boy. I grew up a boy. I distinctly remember being made fun of in elementary school for “walking like a girl” and so, to avoid bullying, I studied manliness and learned to walk like a dude. In fact, I remember that incident as my first conscious attempt to “pass” or “perform” as a guy, because the authenticity of my masculinity was being challenged by my grade school peers!

I own my past and I like to think that I am realistic about it. I have XY chromos. For over two decades, I had a penis. I had testosterone in my body. I smelled like a dude. I absorbed bro-culture. I admit that I cracked my own share of homophobic or misogynistic jokes while trying to fit in with dude-life.

There is no shame for me to admit that I was a boy. No shame in admitting that becoming a girl was actually a transition. It was something I worked at.

It took years of peforming gender mimicry, conscious resocialization, in addition to the hormones, before I felt honestly I could call myself a woman (as opposed to a transwoman). And because there is no shame in admitting that I was born, raised and socialized into manliness, I don’t find it glaringly hurtful and misgendering to have someone else point that fact out.

In closing, Janet Mock is a media personality now. She has the ears and eyes of a large audience and she has stated she wants to change the face of the media’s image of the trans narrative. I don’t agree with going back into my past, and rewriting my personal history by appropriating girlhood or inventing one that I didn’t have; which is what it seems to me that Janet Mock is doing, by claiming she was “always a girl”. That kind of denial and rewriting of one’s narrative is not healthy for the transwomen she claims to want to inspire, because it’s an affirmation based on willful self-deception.

More information on retroactive continuity can be found at TV Tropes.

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Before you transition: a word about mental health

One of the best suggestions I can give anyone, male-born or female-born, who wants to transition to the opposite sex and take on opposite gender roles in a binary-gendered world is this: Get your other comorbid mental and emotional health problems sorted out first.

Here is a politically incorrect but scientifically accurate insight. We are not all chemically imbalanced all the time because of our genes. The burden of proving this is on the very same people who have a vested interest in getting you on as many treatments for all your supposed disorders as they can, for as long as they can. You have heard of this term ‘maintenance treatment’. It is a euphemism for psychiatric medication user for life and that is what corporate pharma wants you to be, because it makes Big Money and for no other reason than that.

If you want to transition, you could consider yourself pregnant with yourself. And why not? If you transition you will be a self-absorbed child/teen all over again, so why not give yourself the best physical head start on your new life?

Hormones are mind-altering, in addition to being body-altering. Psych meds are also mind and body altering. As long as you have psych meds coursing through you, it is unlikely that you have an accurate gestalt of your interior world. Because part of your current lived personality, as well as your ongoing thoughts and feelings, are due to ongoing psychotropic drug effects.

How do you find the Real You™ underneath a chemical screen of mind and feeling-altering drugs? How do you know which feelings are you and which ones were caused or controlled by drugs that are in your body day and night?

Do you see the problem here and the conflict of interest inherent in trying to figure out the causes of your moods and thoughts whilst simultaneously taking drugs that distort or mask your sense of those things? Do you really grasp the wild-card that you are introducing into an already unstable or unsure emotional situation by taking mood-altering substances all the time, when you are already taking other mood-altering substances all the time?

If you were unfortunate enough while you were growing up in the last twenty years to pick up one or more trendy psych labels, I strongly urge you not to transition until you honestly don’t own those labels anymore.

Bipolar disorder happens to be the psychiatric flavor-of-the-last-couple-decades and chances are, if you received this dx as a child or teen, you are not truly bipolar disordered. If you do the research, you will find that “real” manic depressives, the ones written about in Kraeplin’s work, are not you. Manic depression used to be a purely adult psychiatric problem that was only diagnosed on adults who couldn’t stay out of mental hospitals.

If you have some emotional lability during your day, you are not hypomanic. There is no such thing as a disease symptom of ‘hypomanic’. It was made up in the last few decades so it could be treated with, what else? Psych meds. If you think you should be labeled with bipolar disorder on account of being unable to handle your mood swings, you will likely have a hard time handling going on hormones.

If you got a bipolar dx because you are angry-manic or angry-depressed, guess what? Testosterone will probably only make that worse.

If you suffer from being ‘moody’ or having your emotions go all over the place, you may not be able to handle estrogen.

If you want to think of your emotions as being polar, consider that estrogen will cause those poles to go further up and further down. This could easily be misinterpreted in today’s psychiatric climate as having suddenly graduated from bipolar 2 to bipolar 1, which will only get you another script.

My suggestion is to learn to deal with the thoughts and emotions you have in your current body and mind before switching hormones, or you will likely go from being maybe occasionally bipolar-like to flat-out crazy and you won’t know what is going on. It is stress? Is it your thoughts? Is it a bipolar mood swing? A hormonal mood swing? A psych med effect?

Your challenge will be that you are unable to separate your mood and stress problems—from the effects of the psych drugs on your mind—from your HRT effects. Consequently,  you may be forever lost inside yourself, unable to know or feel the Real You™.

You can comment if you like. But if you try to tell me about how your genes or your chemical imbalance make you a person with a label from the DSM, then your comment will end up in the spam tray. On account that, you actually believe everything the TV commercials and the flashy web ads told you about mental illness, and you could not be bothered to fact check the reality of all that stuff before having your say.

As a former sufferer of depression, I am very sympathetic to those with mental illness. But you will never convince me you have a “neuro-physical-genetic mental disorder” until you can post your mental illness gene assay test results to the tubes and prove it to me. Until you can do that (which will never happen), please don’t waste your keystrokes informing me from your medical expertise whilst regurgitating easily debunkable drug company advertising copy.

Consider this please: Do you really want to transition from being a male with mental illness, to being a female with mental illness? Or vice versa? Was that the dream you had of your new self? To be just as disordered in your born-again life and body, as the life and body you left behind? Think about it. Really hard.


Plastic Girl is not an MD and this post should be taken as opinion and not as medical advice.

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Real Vagina Body Mod Now A Reality, Ovaries Next Please

An amazing new research project has grown real vaginas and noses for patients.

Vaginas and Noses Can Be Grown From Cells


It’s possible to grow new vaginas and noses for patients from their own cells, according to a recently released study in the respected medical journal The Lancet.

The vagina study noted that several disorders, including cancer and injury, can require reconstructive techniques.

It focused on four Mexican teenagers who were born with a rare disorder that meant they didn’t have vaginas and followed them over a three-year period.

Tissue the size of a postage stamp was taken from each of them and grown and molded in a laboratory.

The study concluded that the vaginas, made from the patients’ own cells, functioned normally.


Functional Vagina Grown From Donor Cells = Future-tech Sex Reassignment Surgery = Transhuman Body Mod


Tissue-engineered autologous vaginal organs in patients: a pilot cohort study


The BBC also reported on this:

Doctors Implant Lab Grown Vagina

Four women have had new vaginas grown in the laboratory and implanted by doctors in the US.

A tissue sample and a biodegradable scaffold were used to grow vaginas in the right size and shape for each woman as well as being a tissue match.

They all reported normal levels of “desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction” and painless intercourse.

Experts said the study, published in the Lancet, was the latest example of the power of regenerative medicine.

In each woman the vagina did not form properly while they were still inside their mother’s womb, a condition known as vaginal aplasia.

Current treatments can involve surgically creating a cavity, which is then lined with skin grafts or parts of the intestine.


Dr Anthony Atala, director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest, told the BBC News website:

“Really for the first time we’ve created a whole organ that was never there to start with, it was a challenge.”

In the experiment, “A small tissue biopsy was taken from the poorly developed vulva and grown to create a large batch of cells in the laboratory.” If this were done for male-to-female patients, would it work the same way?

If they took a biopsy from our male genitals, would the cells start to grow into a penis, or could the cell culture be tricked into growing into a vagina? This is my biggest question, and I imagine the biggest hurdle for growing transwomen a vagina from their own donor materials.

I have to wonder if these scientists could grow me my own vagina from my cells. I also have to wonder if it would be possible to modify my artificially created vagina with this technology. A vagina grown from my own cells would be far superior to a vagina made from inverted penile and scrotal tissue. This advance has possibly come too late for me, but this is going to be the future of SRS, make no mistake about it. Sorry Dr. Suporn!

From my Transhumanism page, March 2011

While it is true that the surgeries are primitive and limited, now, I’ve dreamed of a future where part of reassignment surgery would be growing and installing a set of ovaries, tubes, a uterus, all the required reproductive works, out of my own stem cells. Maybe I was born, not in the wrong body or the wrong society, but the wrong age in human society and culture.

-Plastic Girl

In related news:

Ears and noses are being grown from stem cells in petri dishes in the UK. link

Tiny Stem Cell Livers Grown In Laboratory link 

Scientists Make Laboratory Grown Kidney link



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The Trans Code Of Silence

You may have heard of the Blue Code of Silence. It’s comes from law-enforcement culture.

From Wikipedia:

The Blue Code of Silence (also known as the Blue Shield, Blue Wall, Curtain, Veil, or Cocoon is an unwritten rule among police officers not to report on a colleague’s errors, misconducts, or crimes. If questioned about an incident of misconduct involving another officer (e.g. during the course of an official inquiry), while following the code, the officer being questioned would claim ignorance of another officer’s wrongdoing.

There is a similar culture among my trans-sisters, one that I am calling the Trans Code of Silence. You see it in action every time one of us is caught behaving badly, yet still being supported by the trans-community.

Trans Code of Silence

Trans Code of Silence

If you are a scientist and you publish something that makes me angry, the best way to gain traction on this issue, or to show my outrage, would be to go look up said scientist, and download images of their family. Then take these images, attach vulgar commentary as a caption, and then post those images on my own website, a website created to educate and offer information and resources to a specific community. Further, when called out on my behavior by another educator, I proceed to send them threatening emails so they know just how I feel about it.

This is a great idea for activism, is it not? Of course it isn’t. And if you have half a brain, you realize that that kind of behavior is both moronic and self-defeating. And anyone with a full and intact brain, would distance themselves from someone that modeled that behavior, call it out for being inappropriate and harmful to our cause. Such is the case with a former role model of mine, Andrea James.

Back around 2000 or so, when I started my own transition, I looked up to Andrea James. I remember her old facial feminization and hairline advancement surgery photos. I had a permanent bookmark to her TS roadmap site on my browser so I could quickly look up information or resources useful to my transition. Perhaps the most valuable of all her pages to me, was her information and tutorials on “how to develop your female voice”.

Maybe a year, year and a half after I found her resources, I stopped visiting TS Roadmap. It had served its purpose for my transition needs, and thank you very much, Andrea.

At some point around 2003, J Michael Bailey’s book on transsexualism came out, and I heard through the trans grapevine that it was profoundly offensive. But it wasn’t until around 2006 or 07 that I trawled the internet one afternoon, looking for information about it. That is when I found Alice Dreger’s website, and read about her encounter with Andrea James’ and Ms. James particular brand of activism.

Ms. James was one of many transgender women who were deeply offended by Michael Bailey’s 2003 book, The Man Who Would Be Queen. But Ms. James was notable for the way she decided to go after Bailey’s children to extract revenge. She posted on the internet photographs of Bailey’s daughter and labeled her a “cock-starved exhibitionist.” James also claimed in her online publications that there “are two types of children in the Bailey household,” namely “those who have been sodomized by their father [and] those who have not.”

I also heard from Ms. James herself who unfortunately lived down to my expectations by sending me obnoxious emails including threats. Some people have asked me whether these were really threats. Let me say they were threatening enough that I sent the mail on to my dean, who sent it on to university counsel, who asked me to let the police know about our concerns. I am not bothering to post what she wrote since I see no point in spreading what amounts to rhetorical toxins. Let me just say that her choice of the admonition “Bad move, mommy” suggested she is still interested in dragging people’s children (including now my own) into her intimidation tactics. Her further reference to my five-year-old son as my “precious womb turd” also suggested that she is astonishingly juvenile.

When I read this, I was infuriated. I had looked up to Andrea when I was young and trying to forge my new identity. But this behavior I could not countenance. This made us all look bad and hurts our activism efforts. Although I did not message Andrea back then, to convey my contempt and disappointment, I really wanted to for awhile. I also considered emailing Ms Dreger to apologize, you know #natwalt, and all. But I moved on and eventually forgot about it until I found Andrea James on youtube around 2008 (09?).

How Kathy Padilla can describe Andrea James’ activism with regards to Bailey, “laudable” is simply beyond my comprehension. I’ve read “The Man Who Would Be Queen” and it is pretty horrible and I may give an extensive review on the book at a later date. But just because I think the book was bad, and that the author should feel bad about publishing it, does not make what Andrea James did to Mr. Bailey’s family “laudable”.  Kathy Padilla’s moral compass is in dire need of an adjustment.

There was a self-described “Che Guevara trans-activist” named Hexydezimal who, for awhile back in 2011 spent his time trolling radical feminists.  After seeing his misogynistic comments all over the place, I became angry, and I decided that he was done transactivisting for me, and I exposed him. Even though it was blatantly obvious this dude was mentally unhinged and had not even begun to transition yet, all it took was for him to claim to be transsexual and a trans activist, and soon his blog was being listed on a variety of other transbloggers pages. No censure from any of my other sisters.

Zoe Brain is another example. I do not believe for one second, that ZB had a spontaneous sex change. I will not believe ZB is intersexed until I see the medical paperwork proving this with my own eyes. ZB’s blog is hosted at other transwomen’s blogs, all over the place. Why? This person is a liar. This person has appropriated intersex identity. This person has spent over six years, finding every article about trans online, and then (in the comments section) proceeding to explain to everyone how brain sex proves that our brains are exactly like the brains of non trans women, which is wrong.

Zoe’s science interpretation is badly flawed. Zoe’s pretending to be intersex is just plain sick in the head. It’s obvious that ZB has major problems, and yet I still see that people are hosting ZB’s blog on their websites and blogrolls. Why?

More recently I saw a tweet from a transwoman, requesting financial assistance in order to raise a bounty on Gallus Mag at gendertrender. Now let’s follow this through. You raise a bounty. You finally find out who GM is. GM gets doxxed. The bounty gets paid. Now what? What is the measured and appropriate response to dealing with GM’s behavior? More death threats? Phone harassment? Real life stalking?

When I wrote about Aeryn Fulton impersonating me online, did any other transwoman come here and tell me,  “Well, I don’t agree with your stance on a lot of things, Plastic Girl, but what Aeryn did by appropriating your identity and spewing his racist, misogynistic and violent posts all over the internet was a bit beyond the pale.”

No. Not one.

Do you remember back in 2011, the video of a transwoman at McDonald’s being refused entry to the women’s restroom by the security guard? Here is some of the comments my sisters left (they are still there to read).

This security guy needs charges of hate crime brought against him for continually refering to her as (Him and HE)! Not sure what the law makes of that over there. If it was here I would have reported his transphic hate bullying to the police. That is if I held it together long enough not to knock him spark out!

BroxieRothwell 2 years ago


hitomi2232 2 years ago

I hope someone murders that security guard !!

Qlassy2 years ago

Did any of my out-and-proud trans-sisters take those three young transwomen to task for their violent language in the comment section of that video? Did any of my sisters try to point out that, responding to discrimination with violent intent and violent rhetoric is not only unfeminine and maabtastic but totally anti-activism?

Not one. Not then. And not in two years since.

The reason? The Trans Code of Silence. You see, even though we all have different opinions, we are supposed to “stand together in unity”, against our “cis” oppressors to fight against ignorance and transphobia, wherever we find it.  This code means that transwomen who should be called out for their behaviour, or censured, or unfriended and unfollowed are basically given a free pass, in the interest of maintaining solidarity.



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Deep Irony Productions

Something has always bothered me about Deep Stealth Productions.

From wikipedia:

The name of the company is a reference to “deep stealth” which is used as a slang in the transsexual community to mean “living without question of discovery in one’s chosen gender identity.

The company is run by two transwomen. Andrea James and Calpernia Addams.

They’re not just out, they are very visible.

Doesn’t being out foreclose living without question of discovery?

Can anyone take advice on living stealth from two individuals who are anything but stealth?

Just saying…


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SSCAB/DSCAB: Reconsidering the Conversation

Originally posted on Big Mouth Girl:

[Note: There are several acronyms used throughout this post. If needed, you can hover your mouse over them to view meaning.]

In an online conversation about the use and application of the acronym “TERF” (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist [sometimes the E is said to stand for "Exterminating" or "Eradicating"]), a friend argued the semantics of calling something “women or female space” when what is meant is “space for women who are Female Assigned At Birth (FAAB).” As she put it, “Why is it OK to use the terms woman or female to describe FAAB spaces when you know very well that there is a conflicting view about the accuracy and appropriateness of those terms?”

Inevitably, conversations about separatist spaces intended for females devolve into assumptions or projections that such spaces are inherently “anti-trans.” The label “TERF” is applied to any female who admits to…

View original 4,053 more words

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Parker Molloy calls Calpernia Addams a drag queen, whoops!

Woop! Woop! That's the sound of the Trans Police.

Woop! Woop! It’s the sound of the Trans Police.

An interesting and somewhat entertaining spat is taking place in the comments section of the Advocate, Huff Po and the Twitter feeds of @calpernia and @parkermolloy and their respective fans and followers over insults, identities and activism. The original tinder for this fire is Parker Molloy’s unfortunate use of the term “drag queen” to describe Calpernia Addams.

Yeah. Calpernia was one of my role models when I started transition. I read her bio ages ago. I knew that “drag queen” probably wasn’t going to go over well. It didn’t.

Parker Marie Molloy’s Transphobic and Homophobic Slurs Don’t Matter, but Our Response Does 

is Calpernia’s response to:

Op-ed: What People Don’t Get About Dismay Over Jared Leto

by Parker Marie Molloy


“I wasn’t sure who Molloy was, but I assumed that she was another one of the nutty trans hacktivists who had been “triggered” by the buzz generated when Jared Leto thanked me in his Oscars acceptance speech.”

I smiled. Social Justice Warriors thrive on a diet of offense, triggers and outrage. The nutty trans hacktavist is a particular strain of SJW that is easily spotted online.

More from Calpernia:

“All these angry, attacking women seem to share certain telling characteristics. Perhaps conditioned to bully and take by a lifetime of white, heterosexual, male privilege in academia and business, these women seem to relish the co-opting of yet another source of power: Often in only a year or two, they drop the mantle of white, straight, male privilege, having wrung every benefit that a 20- to 30-year-old person can from it, and take up the currently unassailable position of being a queer female with all the zeal of a new conqueror.”

Bingo! +100000 reps. I’ve written about this before. Unrecognized male socialization fuels my own outrage over the collective voice of online trans activism.

“Coming from someone whose entire body of work is essentially about policing language, the hypocrisy is particularly staggering. And especially when it comes from people who’ve presumably lived most of their lives with the tacit approval and support of a society that viewed them as heterosexual, white men (however they truly were inside)”

Haven’t I been saying this at Plastic Girl? Preach it Calpernia!

“The “gimme that too!” victimization grab of women like Molloy comes from not having earned their place as “inside” cultural commentators yet.”

This is what we call a dress down.

“We should give newbies a chance to find their footing (Lord knows I said some stupid things in my early days), but no matter what oppressed identity they claim, if they start making power grabs before learning the culture, we should call them on their lingering “cis-het privilege.” (God, I hate the term “cisgender.”)”

I am impressed. Brava, Calpernia.

“Being trans is not a free pass to be transphobic or homophobic.”

Hey now. I am trans and I am transphobic. Which is to say, transphobia isn’t phobia, it’s transbigoty. Bigotry is a strong dislike. I have a very strong dislike for the voices and opinions of the vast majority of so-called transactivists and a personal dislike for many individual transwomen for their activist behavior online and off it. I know, #natwalt, but I still have a bad taste in my mouth from experiencing a lot of transwomen’s maabtastic behavior personally. My transbigotry doesn’t exist in a void, it grew out of way too much boundary crossing from my supposed sisters.

As for Parker Molloy’s piece. Sans the drag queen part, it’s not a terrible article. Of course, I bristle at Molloy’s use of “cisgender” for obvious reasons. Learn to feminism Parker! But Ms. Molloy makes some well-considered points with regards to how we are portrayed in popular media that I completely agree with.

It does seem that the use of “drag queen” was accidental, or ill-informed, and not intended to offend (and has since been removed from the article in question). It appears that Parker may have conflated “show girl” with “drag queen” while digging around at Calpernia’s website, a rookie writer’s mistake most likely. Parker has apologised, but Calpernia doesn’t seem to be accepting it. (I might not either!)

I’d be more sympathetic towards Parker Marie, had I not seen her begging disgustingly for $35,000 worth of facial feminisation surgery at gofundme. “Disfigured by years of testosterone exposure.” lmao! That’s rich!

Every morning, I face the bathroom mirror, but I’m greeted by someone I’m not. The person I see isn’t a friend, but that of a stranger, disfigured by years of exposure to testosterone. I hate that person with such a passion. I grit my teeth.

That person goes through the world with the eyes of skeptical strangers burning through her. She hears the whispers; she deals with looks of disgust and confusion she faces on a regular basis.

She can’t do it anymore. I can’t do it anymore.

I recently met with a surgeon who can help me solve these problems. With his help, I can have the face I would have had if I hadn’t had to undergo years of testosterone running through my system.

Parker Marie Molloy on being a disingenuous, retconning, melodramatic and entitled special snowflake who thinks elective surgeries should be funded by others, you know, because she’s so special and deserving and she just can’t stand how other people look at her.






Some comments have accused Parker Molloy of being envious of Calpernia’s accolades (for having mentioned her in the first place), while others are saying Calpernia is jealous of Parker Molloy (for #trans100, or something?). The tweets are pretty amusing. If it is any consolation Parker Marie, I don’t care for RuPaul either.

Editors note. Parker Marie Molloy was accidentally mis-named Parker Marie Malloy for about fifty minutes in an earlier version of this article. The staff wish to apologise for any unintended emotional damage or psychological trauma this may have caused.
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Follow up with Aeryn

I did try to open a dialog with Aeryn via my new twitter account.



I brought up how I had never heard a woman say any of the violent things that I quoted in my blog.


AF told me that he never actually claimed to be a woman.

He began to confide in me, that he had “the condition that Michael J Fox has” and that the condition had “other neurological effects”.

At this point my BS meter was going off pretty loudly.


I was just waiting for AF’s next tweet, blaming the violent conversation on Parkinson’s Disease, when AF’s twitter account went “followers only”, and our conversation abruptly stopped.

It seems incredibly odd to me for a trained physician to characterise Parkinson’s as “what Micheal J Fox has”, instead of just saying, “Plastic Girl, I suffer from Parkinson’s Disease”.

Even odder still would be to blame violent thinking and violent words on neurological effects associated with Parkinson’s Disease. In fact, I was looking up Parkinson’s symptoms when Aeryn’s feed went blank to me, as I was planning on calling “bullshit!”

I come away from this interaction feeling like I have just encountered another extremely mentally unhealthy person online. I do not feel the need to pursue this further with Dr. Fulton at this time.

Thanks to GM for screenshotting that evidence. I may never have found out about it otherwise.


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Attention Dr. Aeryn Fulton, I’d like a word with you

Dr Aeryn Fulton, I’ve been on blogging hiatus for awhile. But recently it has come to my attention that on or around January 2013, in the comments section of a feminist youtube video, you claimed to be me, Plastic Girl. Gallus Mag at the gendertrender blog, was kind enough to screencap this, and I now draw your attention to her evidence.

Aeryn, failing pretty hard to at feminism

Aeryn, failing pretty hard at feminism

Shall we go over some of the ways that I am not you, and you are not me?

  • You are a physician. I am a writer.
  • You are partnered to an FtM. I am not.
  • You just barely started transition. I transitioned in 2000.
  • You are out as a trans woman. I am not.

For the record, I don’t appreciate you appropriating my blog personality for use in your reactionary anti-feminist agenda. I’ve gone over the screen-capped evidence of your woman-born-woman hating behavior, and I have to say, I am pretty upset with you.

Judging by all current online information, such as blogs and your Facebook, you are still identifying yourself as or associating yourself with a Jonathan Aeryn Fulton. So what’s going on here? You haven’t even had a legal name change yet? You can’t be living fulltime or doing the Real Life Test when you are still going by the name of Jonathan.

Dr. Fulton, I am calling you out for being a real dickhead. You transjacked my blogging identity claiming to be me, when in fact, you are not me, and you are nothing like me. The following comments have all been attributed to you while using the youtube username aerynxv:

“I think I may go to this Michfest thing, just for the sake of posting all kinds of revealing photos of the local deichs….No bridge building here. Just pure HONEST and unadultered hatred and intolerance for my idealogical blood-enemies.” aerynxv

What’s wrong with this comment, Dr. Fulton? How about the fact that I have made it very clear that I would never trespass The Land, nor attend CampTrans. You even perverted my “Bridge Building” intention.

“EPIC ass-whipping coming your way Nicky. You are sooooo screwed. Shall I meet you at dunkin donuts? I’ll just watch your twitter and see where you are. This is going to be fun. It’s been a long time in coming. BTW I have it on good authority Cathy Brennan will have a terrible accident at this year’s dyke march. THAT”S been a long time coming to. I want your ipod as a trophy. I will get it. See you soon, sweetumz!” aerynxv

What is wrong with this comment, Dr. Fulton? I like Cathy Brennan’s work. I’d be very upset if she had a terrible accident. What has Cathy ever done to you to make a terrible accident to her seem “a long time coming”?

“If I threaten to eviserate Gallus Mag, and she presses charges, under USA law I have the right to face my accuser. Thus, I will know her identity. Autumn Sandeen is offering $10k for that info.” aerynxv

You sound like such a woman, you bounty hunter, you.

“This year we are taking Michfest down. 2013 is the year of transequality.  Suck it, Brennan! See you at the dyke march.” aerynxv

This, coming from someone who has lived and been socialised as a man for forty years, doesn’t sound doodly to women at all. No sir.

“Muslims bleed red. I know; Ive bled a few.” aerynxv

Bled as in, you caused a few to bleed out? Bled as in, “I sliced into some during my residency?” Not doodly at all. Also, way to be a professional.

“Palestinians make excellent compost” aerynxv

Are you for real dude? Wow. People actually let you practice medicine on them?

“Rape is the consequence of weakness. Victims lack moral courage….Learn to defend yourself. Get a concealed carry permit and PRACTICE shooting.” aerynxv

Spoken like a clueless men’s rights activist. You have no clue about rape. You are…unbelievably disgusting. This isn’t even outing yourself online as trans, you sound like a dude, a MAAB, a male born, raised, and socialised into manliness. You sound like an insensitive, victim-blaming macho prick, actually.

“DIAF. All radical feminists will pay a terrible price. 2013 is going to be apocalyptic. We are so done with words. “Making a list, checking it twice, bringing some comeuppance wont that be nice? Planting radfems deep in the ground”.” aerynxv

I couldn’t help but notice how your youtube channel is permanently suspended for multiple violations of their policy on violence. You sure are proving you have what it takes to stand alongside women, you feminist consciousness raiser, you.

“I want you all to realize, I’m; the ultimate Libertarian.If you are cool with me, I’m cool with you. IF NOT, LEAVE ME and MINE alone, or I will harm you. Violence is always an option, and I have studied to dispense violence all my life.” aerynxv

Spoken like a real man.

If you deny that you’ve said any of these things online, I refer you to GenderTrender’s articles on you. Her evidence is pretty damning, Dr. Fulton. It would be nice if you could drop by and explain to me why you transjacked my blogging personality.

Gallus Mag and I once had each other’s blogs listed on our blogrolls, and you have gone and fraked that up for me. You are an example of what I meant back in 2011 when I posted about “way too much boundary crossing happening whenever I encounter transwomen.”

Dr Fulton, I don’t know you, I’ve never met you, and there is no acceptable reason for appropriating my online identity. You are not passing as female in your online discourse. In fact quite the opposite. I sense much male socialisation and tendency to violence in you.

I’d like you to come here to my blog and apologise to me, for appropriating me, my name, and associating yourself with my platform and for misrepresenting my views on feminism, radical feminism, trans inclusion, and faab matters. Thanks.

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Can trans women and trans-critical radical feminists ever be friends?

I first discovered trans-critical radical feminism in late 2010, and since then, I’ve read Betty Friedan, Mary Daly, Sheila Jeffreys, a smattering of Andrea Dworkin, Janice Raymond, and Germaine Greer as well as Julie Bindel and Julie Burchill and every trans-critical rad fem blog I could find, in the hopes of trying to understand.

Setting aside for the moment, the various radical feminist postures on trans, I found my study of radical feminism to be mind-expanding. I lost sleep reading Sheila Jeffreys and Factcheckme. Radical feminism increased my situational awareness of the dynamics of power between men and women. I see media images and advertisements aimed towards women in a totally new way.  I found myself in agreement of the idea that women as class: female, are still in need of liberation from the Patriarchy, because I had personally experienced patriarchal oppression as soon as I started presenting as a woman, I just didn’t have a name for it, other than, “welcome to womanhood”.

Then we get to radical feminism and trans.

To Mary Daly, I found myself wondering if I could have stealthed into your female-only classes. Would you have clocked me? Would you scan me as a female or clock me as a necrophilia-inspired Franken-imposter, sired by my srs surgeon? I felt…well, I felt NotAllTransWomenAreLikeThat. I wonder if I had passed as female, completed her classes, and then confessed to being transsexual, if she would be happily surprised, or angry with me for the boundary violation. I have imagined you, tutoring me, one-on-one, to help me dismantle any lingering maab socialisation.

To Janice Raymond, I would like to tell her that I’m sorry. By becoming Plastic Girl, I didn’t mean to uphold traditional gender roles. Before I transitioned, I had no premeditated intention to colonize feminist identification, culture, politics and sexuality. Nor did I have any desire to appropriate a woman’s body. I just wanted to be female and hrt, srs, and fulltiming it as a woman seemed the closest I could get. Your statement of what transsexualism is, does not align to my personal narrative Janice, or, NotAllTransWomenAreLikeThat.

To SheilaG, who, when posting about transwomen at Miska’s FAB MATTERs blog in 2011, opined, “They’re fembots.” I had a vision of some transgendered women I had met who definitely fell into that category, but not me. I never wanted nor tried to perform “fembotism”. My reply boiled down to, “Come on ShielaG, not all transwomen are like that.”

To Germaine Greer, who stated “No so-called sex-change has ever begged for a uterus-and-ovaries transplant; if uterus-and-ovaries transplants were made mandatory for wannabe women they would disappear overnight”, I wanted to say, “Untrue Germaine! Begging for ovaries would not have made it possible. None of the srs surgeons offer that body mod, but had it been available, or “made mandatory” I would have accepted it! Or basically, “Not all trans women are like that, Germaine!”

To her claim that, “Whatever else it is, gender reassignment is an exorcism of the mother.” I would have asked her if she actually wanted a transwoman’s personal take on what gender reassignment is, because having had one myself, I can attest that exorcism of my mother was not part of the reason. Basically, #NotAllTransWomenAreLikeThat.

To FABLibber, who once claimed that we don’t smell like real females, I wanted to say, “FABlibber, do you know this from experience? Have you ever actually laid down with a transwoman? Have you ever smelled her hair, her wrists, her neck, her belly, her thighs, or her feet?” I was sure that if FABlibber smelled me, even just my wrists, her eyes would widen from surprise and astonishment, and she would retract her statement. Pretty much another version of notalltranswomenarelikethat.

To Sheila Jeffreys, who has argued that “the vast majority of transsexuals still subscribe to the traditional stereotype of women” and that by transitioning medically and socially, trans women are “constructing a conservative fantasy of what women should be. They are inventing an essence of womanhood which is deeply insulting and restrictive,” I wanted to say, “I am sorry Sheila, that was never my intention.  I honestly had no idea that by transitioning, I was upholding patriarchal norms or inventing an essence of womanhood. I am self-identifying as a woman because my maab socialisation trained me that I could be anything or have anything I wanted, by going all out, rolling over all obstacles, and persevering until I had what I wanted. But since I’ve been transitioned for almost half my life now, what should I do? What do you want me to do? Where do we go from here? My underlying premise? Not all trans woman are like that. Obviously.

To Julie Bindel and Julie Burchill, I wanted to say I am sorry we come across as such entitled maabs. For what it is worth, not all trans women are like that.

To factcheckme, who in April 2011, posted

“so in the interest of maintaining consistency, i hereby make the following concession: post-op MTF transsexuals are less dangerous to born-women than are genitally-intact MAABs, because post-op MTF transsexuals cannot impregnate women against our wills.

okay?  there, i said it.  now, i am *not* saying that SRS makes MAABs into FAABs, or anything of the sort.  in fact, the problem with post-op MTF is STILL twofold: the MAAB problem, in that all post-op MTF are STILL MAAB, and therefore were groomed as oppressors of women (and rapists) since birth.  even if we concede that MAABs without their dicks are less dangerous than MAABs with them (or lets just say they have one less trick up their sleeve?) there is STILL a legitimate complaint here on the part of FAABs, who dont want to be subjected to misogynist hatred from the oppressor class, perhaps particularly in FAAB-only spaces and (yes!) the restroom.

second is the problem of schroedingers rapist.  among MTFs as a group, we dont know who still has their dicks and who doesnt, and we shouldnt have to guess.  AND in addition, the FACT that MAABs, as oppressors of women and rapists, rape with things besides their dicks, all the time.  its a rather MAAB thing to do actually.

Factcheckme is the only rad fem I have tried to go out of my way to communicate with. I expressed solidarity on intersecting issues and pointed out that mtfs are also vulnerable to schrodinger’s rapist, and asked her, what would she (or rad fems in general) have us do [about the bathroom issue], and she replied, “NOT MY PROBLEM DOOD”.

More than any other internet rad fem, I tried to understand factcheckme. I love her writings. She has been my primary radical feminist teacher. Her observations on the condition of faab matters helps me pass better, socially, with women.

To you, factcheckme, I just wanted to say that I appreciate your writings more than you can ever know. You have taught me so much, and I have no way to repay you. I also love my surgically altered body, even if the neovaj was birthed by rape culture. It’s a part of me, and I love myself. I know it’s not the real thing and I am okay with that. I am still going to use the women’s restroom, even if that makes me a colonizing, boundary-crossing, privileged maab, because I too need somewhere to pee, and the bushes are just not going to cut it for me. I tried to examine my maab privilege and understand where rad fems were coming from and I hope you realize that I don’t consider transactivists to be “my peeps”, oh heck, what I really mean to say is, not all trans women are like that.

But I don’t think factcheckme, Sheila Jeffreys, Julie Bindel or Julie Burchill or Germaine Greer really care about what our truth or our experiences are. The existence of transwomen seems to be seen as an affront, if not an actual threat to both women’s liberation and radical feminist theory. I understand we don’t belong at Michfest, but I am not going to detransition, which means there is a remote possibility we might share a women’s restroom someday.

Twisty Faster at I Blame The Patriarchy seems to think that after The Revolution, there will be no gender, and thus no need to trans from one side of the gender binary, to the other. The All-female Lesbian Separatist Utopia has no use for us either.

Back to the post title: Can trans women and trans-critical radical feminists ever be friends politically? No. Never. Not in this life.

The thing of it is, I don’t sense that rad fems really want to sit at a table with us about their concerns, and even if we did, I doubt we could meet them halfway on the issues, because what they really seem to want, is for us to not exist. Our offense is transitioning in the first place. Our existence and our narratives seem to be a real thorn in the side of radical feminist academia. For the most part, these radfem academics don’t seem interested in hearing our side. Or having read some of us, we’ve been pigeonholed as a group, as fembots striving to preserve sex-based gender-role stereotypes.

As far as I know neither Mary Daly, nor Andrea Dworkin, nor Germaine Greer ever tried to get our input on our identities before forming their opinions on “what transsexualism is”, and putting their conclusions into publication. They just took their Franken Fembots with Mommy Issues theories, and ran with them. That does not seem like rigorous [honest] academia, to me.

My primary concern, my main response to trans-critical radical feminism has always basically boiled down to #notalltranswomenarelikethat, but I am pretty sure they already know that we are not all like that.

I think radical feminism is going to die, and I feel like I am partly responsible for that death, because I am a Plastic Girl.  I am a voluntary transform. A future-tech biomorph. I used my privilege to transform into a faux-female at a young age. I do not experience transphobia or transdiscrimination. People do not “sir” me, or ask me what pronouns I prefer. I don’t get clocked for gender ambiguity, yet most rad fems seem convinced that none of us can pass and or they can spot us all a mile away.

It might be hard to accept that some of us just don’t stick out, and without a scarlet “T” on our breasts, you really have no idea that we were male assigned at birth. I understand that that is probably intimidating. I think in the future, there is going to be a lot more of us who transition earlier than I did and who will be even harder to spot. We are not going to go away.

As for transhumanism, take for example Google Glasses. Some day the Google Glasses may be an actual eyeball or implant or maybe a permanent contact lens that people have installed. Sooner or later, bionics and cybernetics will be so advanced that people will willingly trade in perfectly good body parts like eyes, ears, arms, legs, even internal organs, for body mods that will take their place, that perhaps even do a better job than their genetic counterparts.

How will the Shiela Jeffreys, the Twisty Fasters and the Factcheckmes of the world deal with the coming transhuman phenomena? I don’t think radical feminism is ready for cyborgs. There will be cyborgs who will not identify as male or female or who identify as both, or something else entirely, and these cyborgs are going to need a bathroom to pee in too.

Trans men and trans women are just the beginning of transhumanism. How for example, will feminist notions of body acceptance take hold in the minds of men and women when a person can just change what they don’t like by throwing money at the problem? Body acceptance will never take hold, because modern technology combined with capitalism means privileged people don’t have to settle for acceptance. The future belongs to Cyberpunk Dystopia and transforming surgeries. Boob jobs, stomach staples, penile enhancements, phalloplasties and vaginoplasties are just the beginning of the choices we will have to change ourselves.

The rights of Cyborgs and Transhumans will be codified into law before the feminist liberation occurs, and that will be the end of radical feminism. Rules protecting gender variant and trans gender persons in public spaces means that women will have to tolerate gender or sex ambiguous people in the bathroom and every where else too.

The force of history is, for better or for worse, on the side of transhuman body-modding. The concept of woman-born-woman space, while necessary and healing and nurturing for women-born-women will become extinct. It’s almost extinct now. I guarantee you that Michfest will eventually cave to the political antics of transactivists. Having already lost restrooms and rape shelters to transgender inclusion, Michfest, as it currently exists, an annual one week intentional community for FAAB women to gather away from all MAABs, will be over. Like the polar ice caps, WBW space is being pushed further and further back. And like the great auk, the auroch and the polar bear, WBW space will soon be a thing of the past.

Make no mistake about it, Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford’s UN Letter will have no effect on slowing down the erasure of female-born-female as a specific identity with specific concerns needing specific protections. Class: female will be available for anyone who feels like they are female, and anyone who wants to look and live like one and can afford the process.

The concerns that some women have, that this process is happening too fast, that faab experiences matter, that there are issues with allowing anyone who self-identifies as female access to any and all female spaces will go ignored, because these concerns are not politically correct. Women will be forced to accept these impositions so that no self-identified male-to-female TG ever has to have hurt feelings.

In the final analysis, trans rights and radical feminism are diametrically opposed to each other. We do not have the same agenda, the same concerns. or the same goals. Because radical feminism seems biased in favor of their preferred academic theories over our individual and collective transsexual narratives, while taking every opportunity to invalidate our identities as women, I do not think we can ever really be friends. And if you think life is uncomfortable now with the increased visibility of Plastic Girls and Plastic Boys, you had better prepare yourself for more awkwardness in schools, the workplace and the restroom, because we are just the beginning.

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