five easy ways to become despised with me if you are trans

Number One.

Claim that women born women, socialized as women and assigned female at birth are “cisgender” and enjoy “cis” privilege.

Congratulations. There is little chance I will ever take you seriously about anything involving trans-politics or feminism. You just outed yourself as a Serano neophyte.

Number Two.

Claim that certain behaviors are (or are not) “authentically male/masculine” or “authentically female/feminine”.

This tells me you are without a clue, and also someone who reads Serano programming.

There is indeed however, socialized behavior that comes across as, well, socialized behavior! You know, like, when transwomen demand inclusion and rights, this outs them as MAAB  and socialized as such.

That is “authentically” expected behavior of men socialized as men in Western cultures (by and large). And then when male-to-female transwomen do it, they are flaunting their MAAB entitlement training and their MAAB history. End of story.

Number Three.

Deny your past maab privilege and entitlement.

If you are a transwoman who denies ever experiencing male-entitlement or male-privilege, (unless you transitioned at the age of three, four, maybe at most five years old), then, I despise you.

For you to imagine or claim otherwise is trans special snowflakiness, and pure narcissism. You are utterly clueless, and so beyond being worth my time. You are not an activist. You are not my ally.

Number Four.

“That’s transphobia! I hope that whomever wrote whatever it is that made me feel all angry inside, dies a horrible death! People who use their freedom of speech to make me feel bad deserve to be killed or die of twelve different diseases!!!!111″

Some standard-issue idiot on Youtube or The Guardian

If you are a trans, and you truly believe that being scrutinized for your political activism goals, being criticized for your insensitive, offensive and maabtastic actions in public, or being disliked by other people (notably, some radical feminists) is frakking TRANSPHOBIA, then, understand that I have seen your comments on Bilerico, reddit, youtube and the Guardian. Understand that you are my political enemy, and I despise you. You are not on my team, you are on your own team, rooting for yourself, and for misogyny.

Let there be no mistake here. When someone like Julie Bindel writes a scathing piece about transpeople, and becomes swarmed with insane and wounded special snowflakes commenting, understand that you’re despised. No Saving Throw for you, ever. The longer I read Julie Bindel, the more I agree with, and like, her work.

Number Five.

Endorsing the behavior of transjactivists who want to transjack intersexism to prop up their feelings of inadequacy for having no “evidence-based” or material “proof” of feeling “twans”. Endorsing trans who nerdrage about brain-sex and unproven biological reductionist fantasies about transsexuality on every blog and news outlet they can locate and spam.

Basically, if you host Zoe Brain’s blog on your blogroll, or you think this person is cool, you are so far into “despised” with me, that there is no hope for you to ever become neutral, or friendly, with me, unless and until, you realize what a sick psycho this individual is.

The fact that I have to apologize on behalf of transwomen, for this scum leaving BWAAAAA!!! all over the internets, and embarrassing transwomen and born women in general, is unacceptable. ZB is a blight on trans and nontrans alike. ZB is the cancer that is killing trans. Denounce this individual for their online behavior, and stand clear and well away, if you have any desire to be taken seriously.

It’s really not that hard to get where I am coming from.

There is a very good chance that your trans-feminism or trans-activism goals run directly counter to my (newfound) radical feminist ideology.

The only place I am soft about “trans-rights” or inclusion/exclusion, is the restroom. If you can enter and exit the woman’s restroom, and not make women feel threatened by your presentation and appearance, than (imo) it shouldn’t really be a big deal.

However, you have no rights at all, whatsoever, to be hired as a rape crisis counselor, to be included at MWMF, to be served at a WBW for WBW owned and operated pharmacy, or to be allowed to attend an all-female or female-only school. And, sorry to say, but if you don’t pass 100% and didn’t transition as a child or preteen, then you need to stay the frak away from women’s college dormitories.

Think about them for a moment (the women who share dorm rooms together), and not yourself and your constant quest for transition validation and all-inclusion, and do the math.

You do not belong there.

And while you are receiving your secondary education, try not to jack a woman’s poety or reading group and insist on your own rules that cater to your twans speshul self, or, I hate you.

Truefact: It is not against the law, nor is it a human rights violation, to have hateful or deeply prejudiced feelings toward transpeople. Having hateful feelings (some combination of extreme anger, resentment, bitterness, disgust and revulsion) is not an actual crime, no matter how much you claim that it is in the comments section of youtube videos.

The only way you can escape my anger and judgment of you, is to come around to real feminism, and learn to love wbw and respect wbw space and boundaries. That’s it! Just stop with the transjactivism and the misogyny, and you’re golden!

It seems sooo easy to me. But apparently not to all the out-and-proud trans “activists” who run around the internets, outing themselves as MAABs, making it progressively harder and harder for someone like me to be taken seriously by, and communicate with, real, feminist, women-born-women. It only takes the actions of a loud and intrusive few to completely bias people against your “cause.”

When you cause people to turn away or run away or close you out because you are too incapable of handling rejection or criticism (of trans as class and as an individual), you are just making it harder for all of us. That means you are working against my goals, even as you claim to be working for me or “our” goals. In posturing so, you reveal yourself to be full of self-delusion and hypocrisy. I don’t even know where to start in helping you see your hubris. It’s maab training, and I know, it sucks.

I think the thing that bugs me the most about your average online trans-activist, is, how they tend to carry on like trans-discrimination is the worst thing that is ailing the world right now. Those poor, poor transsexuals who can’t go to the music festival, oh woe is me right? It’s so terrible and awful when a ftm can’t go to a female-only school. Total injustice here!

Factcheckme over at Scum’o’rama created the most awesome graphic for special snowflakes. You should check out, “A Graphic Response”. I lol every time I see it.

<3 FCM!

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      I love the second one! They are both good, but the second one, “special rights” really drives home the point of trans special specialness. Great selections, Millie.

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