Male to female transwomen, and the lies they love to tell

I am just stunned after watching these two videos.

Chloe Prince, the alleged XXY Klinefelter whose internal hormonal transition was spontaneously turned on due to a bee sting.

Zoe Brain and his “spontaneous sex change”

Holy. Bullshit. Overload.

I am literally sitting here at my desk in my home office, blushing. My cheeks and ears are red, from having watched the ZB and Chloe Prince vids. I am so embarrassed to be “trans” right now. You have no idea.

With an actual medical diagnosis, Ted finally felt free to express his secret persona.

Family Secrets – (2/6) When Dad Becomes Mom – The Chloe Prince Story – ABC Primetime

Appalling and shameless fabrication and attention-begging. Neither of them can be happy “just” being “trans”. They need some *super special emerging mutation story to accompany it, because they are unrepentantly in love with their own unicorn-special mutant-snowflakiness. And because being a frakking mutant is waaay cooler than having a label from a book on mental disorders.

Do I even need to ask, “Am I right?” Like, duh!

Freaking. Obvious.

No doubt we will never ever ever see Chloe or Zoe’s intersex-diagnosis medical paperwork that should have been fact-checked and vetted and made publicly available, if we were all supposed to be shown this bullshit. FFS, Chloe admits to having had all the special dysphoric feelings of those self-identified as trans.

She openly admits to “struggling” with gender and cross dressing and the entire classic syndrome, years if not decades before her magical bee-sting transition. She just could not be honest with herself and the rest of the world, the way I am, and admit that she transitioned because she wanted to, (entitlement) and she could (privilege).

Fwiw, I have to give credit where credit is due, though. At least Chloe bothered with developing a passable and inoffensive voice, even if she criminally dismisses feminist concerns and critique on her website, because she is an unapologetic upholder of the gender binary; with her “innocent” (her words) gender exploration and 100% screamingly loud het-presentation. Which I admit, is much like my own.

In other words, she is not grown-up enough as a fauxwoman yet, to tackle the “really difficult political stuff”, like feminism, despite wanting to be taken seriously as a female and woman. It’s unfortunate to a binary gender conservationist, how feminist critique can be such a buzz kill to think more than two seconds about, on account that it’s makeup, hair and girly-clothing time, once again.

Got to look good (girly and het) to feel good, gf! (Harry B. and J. M. Bailey would be so proud of you!)

Actually, if Chloe could just be honest and accept “being trans” without the whole XXY-bee sting fraud to go with it, I suspect we would get along. She really does look and present like I do, and the few select post-transition women I have in my social circle. Normal-woman-looking-with-a-heavy-fem-glam-meets girl-next-door type thing. Or as I call my own studiously perfected presentation, “college girl meets soccer mom chic”.

Zoe Brain on the other hand, is a complete psycho and a unsalvageable disgrace to “our” entire community!

Thanks to Gallus Mag over at Gender Trender for bringing these two videos to my attention with your own post about it.

* see also: “evidenced-based medical proof” you can proudly proclaim to friends, family and employers for the reason for wanting to take estrogen, play dress-ups, take a female name and get a fraksocket. Duh.

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  1. Citizen Taqueau says:

    “Fraksocket”? I think I like you. :)

  2. Citizen Taqueau says:

    Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be creepy. Just to explain, I am reading blogs that propose no-PIV, and yours popped up. I’m glad to read you!

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