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clarity dawns, spiral essence

did i ever mention how, when my mother would take me to inner sect Catholic prayer meetings, i was the only one upon whom the Holy Spirit would not descend? no matter how much i opened myself up, the Holy … Continue reading

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super moon three, coming to you, live

natural ecstasy. you can heal from hot injuries using water and moonlight. ive been experiencing protracted periods of spontaneous mirth since june 6   as the moon ascends, i am getting searing knots of quasi pain that seem to grab … Continue reading

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Alright, back in biz, plus wp roundup

I apologize for the unintended blogging lapse. I’ve been a bit under the weather, until the last two days, and feeling unwell, is pretty rare for me. I was not  “sick sick” like with a flu virus or something like … Continue reading

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Transhumanism vs Transgenderism: My Thoughts on the DSM V changes and WPATH

My thoughts on the DSM V changes for trans Here is what I think. I think the entire transgender-transsexual-gender identity thing should be dropped entirely from the DSM. Forever. Before I get to why, let me offer that I don’t … Continue reading

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