Male to female transwomen, and the lies they love to tell

I am just stunned after watching these two videos.

Chloe Prince, the alleged XXY Klinefelter whose internal hormonal transition was spontaneously turned on due to a bee sting.

Zoe Brain and his “spontaneous sex change”

Holy. Bullshit. Overload.

I am literally sitting here at my desk in my home office, blushing. My cheeks and ears are red, from having watched the ZB and Chloe Prince vids. I am so embarrassed to be “trans” right now. You have no idea.

With an actual medical diagnosis, Ted finally felt free to express his secret persona.

Family Secrets – (2/6) When Dad Becomes Mom – The Chloe Prince Story – ABC Primetime

Appalling and shameless fabrication and attention-begging. Neither of them can be happy “just” being “trans”. They need some *super special emerging mutation story to accompany it, because they are unrepentantly in love with their own unicorn-special mutant-snowflakiness. And because being a frakking mutant is waaay cooler than having a label from a book on mental disorders.

Do I even need to ask, “Am I right?” Like, duh!

Freaking. Obvious.

No doubt we will never ever ever see Chloe or Zoe’s intersex-diagnosis medical paperwork that should have been fact-checked and vetted and made publicly available, if we were all supposed to be shown this bullshit. FFS, Chloe admits to having had all the special dysphoric feelings of those self-identified as trans.

She openly admits to “struggling” with gender and cross dressing and the entire classic syndrome, years if not decades before her magical bee-sting transition. She just could not be honest with herself and the rest of the world, the way I am, and admit that she transitioned because she wanted to, (entitlement) and she could (privilege).

Fwiw, I have to give credit where credit is due, though. At least Chloe bothered with developing a passable and inoffensive voice, even if she criminally dismisses feminist concerns and critique on her website, because she is an unapologetic upholder of the gender binary; with her “innocent” (her words) gender exploration and 100% screamingly loud het-presentation. Which I admit, is much like my own.

In other words, she is not grown-up enough as a fauxwoman yet, to tackle the “really difficult political stuff”, like feminism, despite wanting to be taken seriously as a female and woman. It’s unfortunate to a binary gender conservationist, how feminist critique can be such a buzz kill to think more than two seconds about, on account that it’s makeup, hair and girly-clothing time, once again.

Got to look good (girly and het) to feel good, gf! (Harry B. and J. M. Bailey would be so proud of you!)

Actually, if Chloe could just be honest and accept “being trans” without the whole XXY-bee sting fraud to go with it, I suspect we would get along. She really does look and present like I do, and the few select post-transition women I have in my social circle. Normal-woman-looking-with-a-heavy-fem-glam-meets girl-next-door type thing. Or as I call my own studiously perfected presentation, “college girl meets soccer mom chic”.

Zoe Brain on the other hand, is a complete psycho and a unsalvageable disgrace to “our” entire community!

Thanks to Gallus Mag over at Gender Trender for bringing these two videos to my attention with your own post about it.

* see also: “evidenced-based medical proof” you can proudly proclaim to friends, family and employers for the reason for wanting to take estrogen, play dress-ups, take a female name and get a fraksocket. Duh.

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12 Responses to Male to female transwomen, and the lies they love to tell

  1. Citizen Taqueau says:

    “Fraksocket”? I think I like you. :)

  2. Citizen Taqueau says:

    Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be creepy. Just to explain, I am reading blogs that propose no-PIV, and yours popped up. I’m glad to read you!

  3. My face didn’t get red but I think it’s permanently fixed into a “just ate a sour lemon” face.

  4. susantgolighlty says:

    Personally, I liked the young person in the Zoe Brain video. S/he seemed refreshing and honest. As for the other two. I found them depressing. Why the excuses? Why not simply say, this is how I felt from childhood, and that I finally got tired of living a lie; that I just needed to start living and presenting in a way that feels more honest as to who I am? I find nothing inherently wrong with men feeling feminine and women feeling masculine. I think both sexes are capable of presenting in a variety of ways along the feminine/masculine spectrum. Also, I have no reason to not believe that some people may be born with their physical body not aligned with their brain. I think there is enough evidence to show this is probably true.

    What I have a problem with is the inherent sexism of identifying being a woman with certain behaviors and roles. Both Zoe and Chloe were not raised female, they were not socialized to think the same way as those raised female. So, in my mind, their ideas of how a female/woman should behave is simply projection of their own fantasies about women. Of course, they are a product of our society and have been socialized into believing that there are specific sex roles for men and women. Even so, no matter how you look at it, they are reinforcing the idea that women behave in certain ways, i.e. wear makeup, put flowers in their hair, and wear dresses.

    I understand it is hard for men to act feminine in a society that ridicules femininity. Feminine boys and men become targets of males who are insecure about their masculinity and manliness. Many feminine boys and men have been physically abused and even killed. I think that for some men and boys who find behaving in a feminine manner is natural to them choose to become female to avoid the unfortunately real danger of being a feminine male in our society. Personally, I don’t blame them for doing so. I just wish they would be honest about it.

    As I said before, I do believe that there are some people born with a misalignment between their brains and their physical body. I just think that it is not as prevalent as we might think. Whether this is the case with Zoe and Chloe, I have no idea. It may be true, but they have covered it up with so much hype and rhetoric that they themselves probably don’t know.

    Also, I get tired of the conflating of intersex with being transsexual. They are two different conditions. It is quite possible to be both intersex and transsexual, however, I find from my experience and readings that this is relatively rare. Personally, though, I have known several people born with an intersex condition that have “transitioned,” that is they preferred not to identify with their assigned sex. My fantasy is that we could live in a world where no one is assigned a sex. I find the whole process irrelevant to the spectrum of human behavior. There is no such thing as female behavior and male behavior. It is all learned, and we are all harmed by thinking it is natural.

    • plasticgirl says:

      I appreciate your comment. I don’t know what to say to your comment about fantasizing living in a world with no sex assignment. Why does human behaviour have to be so difficult? Why so many problems? The rest of the planet seems fine with being sexed. Why is sex (and gender) so hard for humans, but so natural for lions and tigers and bears…oh my? Insects, fish, mammals, all are sexed and life carries on because of it.

      So I ask again, (rhetorically?) why is being assigned a sex so problematic, unless, the assignment of sex has a social function in addition to a reproductive one? Therein lies the issue. Sex is social and we are social creatures.

      • susantgolighlty says:

        Actually, many animals can be rather “fluid” in their sex. I suggest reading Joan Roughgarden’s book, “Evolution’s Rainbow: diversity, gender, and sexuality in nature and people,” where she talks about sex diversity in animals and compare’s it with the potential or possible sex diversity in humans. Joan Roughgarden is a transwoman and a professor of biological sciences at Stanford University.

        As far as why sex is so difficult in humans, I think the answer lies in why is anything different so difficult in humans? For example, humans have always come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes, with various amounts of melanin, and a variety of sexual orientations amongst other diversities, however in almost all instances, those varieties and traits that are less common are often persecuted for being a deviation from the “norm.” Even though common sense would tell us that these less common variations are normal variations of our human species. So for example, I grew up feeling my sex and my desired gender presentation was different than those who were given the same sexual assignment as I. Also, my sexual orientation was different than those who had the same sexual assignment as I. My sexual orientation was not confined to being attracted to a sex different than my own, but rather fluid in that I was could be attracted to any variety of our human species regardless of one’s sex or gender expression. For these rather uncommon, but no means rare, variations, I was persecuted by other humans.

        So, the (rhetorical) question I would ask is how did humans as a species get so fucked up?

        • susantgolighlty says:

          In re-reading, I realize I did not address the question, “Why is being assigned a sex so problematic . . . ” The problem with humans is that they are “assigned” a sex. No other species of animal is assigned a sex by their own species. All other species arrive at their sex and/or sexual expression through being who they are. What sex is a “male” wolf that becomes an asexual “nanny” to the cubs of an alpha male and female wolf? What sex is a human with male genitalia that behaves femininely from childhood, or a human with female genitalia that behaves masculinely from childhood? What if sex were not assigned but we waited to see what sex a child becomes? We would be forced to withhold sex identifying pronouns with all of their assumptions and other baggage until the person declares their sex. When I work with teens and young people who use the pronouns “they or them” I am forced to be neutral in how I deal with them. I have worked with youth for months without knowing what their assigned sex was. I find it refreshing to not know. It forces me to be more open and not assign cultural and social expectations to the person. It makes me realize how our expectations of another person’s behavior limits that person.

          So yeah, I don’t like the idea of assigning a person a sex based solely on one’s genital configuration. That seems like a very limited and inaccurate method of determining the future behavioral propensities and attributes of an individual. Sure, for the vast majority it seems to work out, however what do we do with the minority where it doesn’t work out? So far all we do is debate the legitimacy of the minorities existence, as though variations are unthinkable.

        • plasticgirl says:

          Amusingly, your reply about animal sex fluidity just strikes me as, “not all animals”, lol. I get it. Hyenas are a whole class of sex and gender variations worth a study. But generally speaking, sex division works, and it is how creatures make more of themselves.

          With humans, we (collectively) have a need to genderize sex assignment, and we cause ourselves problems because of it. If gender fluidity was cool, we wouldn’t have “transgender”. The word itself now strikes me as absolutely ludicrous. It’s laughable.

          Speaking generally, I think women have more latitude to bend gendered behavior. That doesn’t make gender-bending women, “transgender”, it’s just part of the deal. But heaven forbid a man bend gender, then they need to seek professional help right away. That’s just all kinds of messed up. That is the whole point of a dress-ups permit issued by a gender therapist:

          “No, my client is not insane or a pervert, he is taking on woman-assigned social gender roles due to a condition called transgender. Please facilitate my client’s dress-ups choices and behavioral changes without judgment so my client can experience a smoother social role transition…”

          How screwed up is that?

  5. Tobysgirl says:

    I had a FEMALE friend with XXY chromosomes; she didn’t find out about it until middle age when a doctor finally did some genetic testing. This chromosomal makeup comes with a myriad of health problems, which my friend experienced her entire life. By the time I met her, she was severely disabled. Her brother, who I think may also have had the same chromosomal issues, was retarded.

    • plasticgirl says:

      Thank you for that, Tobysgirl. I really feel sorry for those that suffer from their genetic ailments. It seems like for some, intersex variation is a burden and certainly not what I would classify as a beneficial mutation. Maybe some intersex persons appreciate it? I don”t know. I am almost certainly not intersex, or I too would suffer from complications.

      These kinds of details highlight why it is ridiculous for transwomen to identify as intersex. They don’t experience the health consequences, but they want the mutant status and the biological validation that comes with the certainty of having a sex mutation, which in turn validates all those cross-gender behaviors. A vicious circle of willful self-deception.

      Any transwoman with a good head on her shoulders would do well to avoid co-opting intersex identity.

  6. susantgolighlty says:

    This is why I don’t claim intersex. I certainly suffered from multiple genital surgeries as a child (3 to 4 years old). Fortunately, in my case, they were successful and I was able to grow up living as a physically normal male. However, there certainly was trauma and a lasting feeling that something was wrong with me. Of course, this feeling of being different and wrong (what I termed “the freak factor) was exacerbated by my atypical gendered behavior–a behavior that I was constantly being ridiculed and physically abused for. I eventually learned to fake masculinity, even though it felt totally contrived and artificial.

    I think when trans woman claim intersex it is because they are reaching for a way to legitimize their “cross-gendered” (transgender) behavior. The difficulty I have with this thinking is that I think the whole concept of cross-gendered behavior is sexist. It implies that there are specific behaviors that are “natural” for females and males of our species. These behaviors are all learned, and they can be performed equally by females and males. So, if a male human finds themselves gravitating to being nurturing, being passive, wanting to attract rather than pursue a mate, for example, they are not performing cross-gendered behavior, but simply demonstrating a variation of normal male behavior. To think otherwise, is to have essentialist ideas about female and male behaviors.

    I wonder if men really understood this how many men would find it necessary to transition or (perhaps more accurately) crossdress, but would be more willing to push the boundaries of acceptable male behavior. Men should be taking a lesson from women. Women have been pushing the boundaries of “acceptable” female behavior for many years. Because of this, women are able to dress and act pretty much how they want without fear of ridicule and physical abuse. I find it interesting that, for the most part, there are no women crossdressers. Of course women, just by being women, still face misogyny, sexism, discrimination, ridicule, and physical and sexual abuse. And, of course, openly feminine presenting men have always faced all these things too.

    Just some thoughts.

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