Girl Scout Cookie Boycott and Bobby Montoya

My writing is a bit rusty, but I just wanted to weigh in on The Great Girl Scout Cookie Boycott and would-be girl scout Bobby Montoya. There is really two issues, so I will be lazy and link them, their titles inform the reader what is going on here.

First up, we have.

Transgender Bobby Montoya Still Waits for Call From Girl Scouts []

“If a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout,” the chapter said in a statement at the time.

—Spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of Colorado

My thoughts on this are: Wow! This is progress! Thumbs up to that chapter of Girl Scouts of Colorado. And what better way for a transkid to wrack up some lived experience as a girl, by being socialized as one, with girls.

To be socialized as a girl/female at a young age when you are trans is hugely advantageous in terms of social passing, and being able to connect with girls and adult women on an emotional and experiential level. Also in terms of actually having a girlhood, rather than a boyhood. This kind of socialization can (at least in theory), help a m2f avoid the maabtasticism (an enduring male-entitlement complex inherited from boyhood) that outs transwomen as male-born and male-socialized, both in online discourse, as well as in real life activity.

So, at the outset, I am all for having transgirls be included in the Girl Scouts. I was in the Cub Scouts once upon a time, and for sure that is male socialization. It is part of my boyhood, (which I can admit that I had, without mentally twisting it by calling it a “different girlhood” like some other transwomen do) and I can own up to that. If I could go back and do it again (with trans-understanding parents) I would have certainly wanted to join the Girl Scouts.

Then on Thursday, January 12, 2011, a teen girl named only “Taylor” urged a boycott of Girl Scout cookies, on the basis that the Girl Scouts is failing to be honest with Girls Scouts all over, by failing to disclose that they are admitting female-identified male children into the Girl Scouts.

Read more: Girl Scout Launches Cookie Boycott Campaign After Organization’s Inclusion Of Transgender Child []

I have to give props to Taylor, for speaking her mind, and having an opinion, even though I have a sneaking suspicion that Taylor received much coaching from her parents on the subject, before posting the video. Taylor does not seem to view male-to-female transkids as being girls, and feels this is threatening and erasing an all-girl experience.

Okay. Fair enough. I can understand that reasoning. I think what Taylor was expressing is a valid concern. She wants to experience Girl Scouts with……other girls. And why shouldn’t she? A boy does not belong in the Girl Scouts, or it wouldn’t be the Girl Scouts, and it would not provide a safe space to be “girl” with other girls.

So I guess the question is, is Bobby Montoya a girl, because Bobby wants to be one? It’s hard to glean useful facts from the mother, who kept using the pronoun “he”. Nor are her qualifications of Bobby’s female-identity all the convincing. Bobby wants to wear dresses and play with dolls and have long hair. Yeah, that means Bobby is transsexual, right? No.

Clothing is only “gendered” or “sexed” because, we as a society collectively assign sex and or gender, to items of clothing. Just because a child shows a preference for female-typical, female-assigned clothing items like dresses, does not remotely mean this individual is really a female “trapped” in a male body. It does not mean Bobby is going to grow up to live life as an adult woman.

Having said that, I am intrigued by the duration of Bobby’s infatuation with “girl” clothing. Five years, (age 2 to 7) of choosing female attire and wanting to socialize with females and wishing to be female, is….well…to put it simply, a likely trans marker. It could very well be possible that Bobby is transsexual.

Should we overlook the fact that Bobby had a crying fit and did want to change the name “Bobby” to something more female-typical? Then we have to look at that and say, how trans is this kid, really? Then you have to ask, can a seven year-old, truly decide for themselves, what gender they are, when their born-sex is contrary to their socialization preferences?

I think only time will tell whether or not Bobby truly wants to be a woman in this world. But in the meantime, assuming Bobby goes through male puberty, what kind of girlhood narrative can we expect Bobby to be able to share in sisterhood with other girls at a Girl Scout event? Would it go something like this?

  • Being a girl, I remember when all the other girls had their first period, but I did not, because I did not have a female reproductive system.
  • Being a girl, I can remember when my testosterone levels first surged, and I started getting erections, like, all the time.
  • Being a girl, I can remember when my voice deepened and my Adam’s apple swelled into prominence.
  • Being a girl, I can remember when I tucked my penis between my testicles to conceal it’s bulge.
  • Being a girl, I can remember when the vast quantities of testosterone my testes created, gave me much greater upper body strength, then the other girls. And I enjoyed the advantage that gave me, when playing girls’ softball and other athletic events.
  • Being a girl, I remember when boys made fun of my breasts when I was going through puberty. Oh, wait.

This is the theoretical narrative of a “girl” who has XY chromos, a full set of male reproductive organs, and potent stream of male hormones dictating everything from spacial ability, to sexual impulses, to bodily smells.

That is not a girlhood. That is the experience of a male. Even a male wearing a dress that prefers to hang out with girls and be called a girl. This is not girlhood for the vast majority of females in the US. And when those hormones start flooding Bobby’s body, Bobby may find an attraction to females.

I think Taylor has probably distilled this down to, “There could be girls in the Girls Scouts who have male’s narrative, a male puberty, and male functioning, and as a girl, I am threatened by this.”

Taylor has every right to have that concern, and to desire to not be exposed to transgirls with penises who are undergoing male puberty.

Maybe, for the sake of argument, allowing male-bodied but female-identified kids to intermingle with biological females at the age of seven in the context of Girl Scouts is just not that big a deal.

But during teenage puberty, when Bobby grows a beard and fails to grow breasts, and develops a manly voice and does not start bleeding and does not ever, ever, ever have to worry about being impregnated by a male, it is going to be significant. Bobby will not be having a physical girlhood, because Bobby’s body is going to be emerging into manhood, dress or no.

As an added thought, we do not hear anything from Bobby Montoya, about Bobby’s feelings about having a penis. The standard transsexual narrative, one of the defining characteristics of a “true trans” tends to be a strong dislike, even hatred and disgust, of one’s male equipment, along with a deep desire to get rid of it. That to me, is a much better indicator of “trans-ness”, than wanting to wear girly things!

Seriously though, who would ask a seven-year old, if they hate their penis?

I am also curious, if Bobby Montoya is enrolled in school as a female, and if Bobby uses the women’s/girl’s restrooms. And if Bobby uses the men’s room, does Bobby use the urinals designed for penis-enabled males to urinate standing? Does standing and peeing cause Bobby an anxiety or shame or self-loathing?

I just do not think Bobby can decide if he or she is “female-identified” or trans, at the age of seven. The age of consent to medical transition is years away. Only time will tell if Bobby is going to become a drag queen or a transsexual or a a regular dude.

If anyone thinks that wanting to play dress-ups or dolls is concrete evidence for the (yet-to-be-proven) “neurological condition” of transsexualism, then I don’t know what I can say to you to help you come down to earth.

As for the boycott, I am not sure that that is the answer. I think that asking for the boycott totally backfired on Taylor. Perhaps the solution is to create a new kind of Girl Scouts for female-bodied girls only.

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3 Responses to Girl Scout Cookie Boycott and Bobby Montoya

  1. Amynomene says:

    OMg, plastic girl’s back! I left this in my reader on the off chance you’d return to your former glory… And what a breath of fresh air this was.

    This whole conversation has been out of control…calling a 14-year old child “cunt” and “closet lesbian” and “ignorant young bigot” and contemplating “unleashing” on her. Now, as it turns out, she/her opinions are backed by a rather extreme right-wing group that have nothing to do with “us”. But she has a right to her own opinions.

    “Perhaps the solution is to create a new kind of Girl Scouts for female-bodied girls only.”
    Um, you must not have heard while on your fabulous 6 month long vacation… penises are female parts now. We’re told that every day.

    It’s weird that people are just throwing “trans” at him with no thought to the possibility that Bobby might just grow up to be an average gay man. I know of little girls who honestly thought they’d grow up to be men…and turned out to just be lesbian.

    • plasticgirl says:

      Hi! Thanks for commenting! :)

      The comments towards Taylor are horrible. Just awful!

      I totally agree with you about Bobby. The child is simply not old enough (as a girl or a boy), to determine what sex he/she wants to belong to, long term. I don’t think there is any harm to letting Bobby cross dress and play with girls. Come puberty though, maybe Bobby will have more to say.

      And yeah, penis=female now. Sad. Talk about colonizing and patriarchal cooption…

  2. Citizen Taqueau says:

    This is a sensitive and intelligent post. I like the way you work through the questions and posit possibilities.

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