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Attention Gender Therapists, WPATH, HBSOC, TransReddit: Here is the entire psychiatric/psychological assessment for aspiring trans-wannabes | all the things hidden in their minds, their perversions, all the things they never tell you, in order to get their transition medicine or legal letters for SRS, HRT, etc

If I were to sit down with any aspiring twanzgendurr… And we had a nice, long, chat… The longer you look at me, and I look at you, the greater the awareness you will have, that it is YOU who … Читать далее

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let’s end this, shall we? a letter to the International Olympic Committee on Transgendered Sports Competitors

Short and sweet is best, so that is what I will aim for here. Supposedly, a panel of experts got together to determine that a male-to-female transsexual is okay for olympic competition against born females, with the following conditions. The … Читать далее

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Transgender Heresy — The truth about pre-transition depression

It’s been several years since I mentioned this and it was as a comment response to Japple before he got scared and quit commenting. A lot of folks assume that trans-folk are all depressed and two-steps-from-suicide when they begin transition. … Читать далее

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anti-trans activism

sorta, I’ll lay it out as simply as possible. The HBSOC and WPATH are completely failing to understand me and my kind. the sisterhood of mutants. instead, they peddle trans-gender identity. you have to believe in gender to get modded, … Читать далее

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clarity dawns, spiral essence

did i ever mention how, when my mother would take me to inner sect Catholic prayer meetings, i was the only one upon whom the Holy Spirit would not descend? no matter how much i opened myself up, the Holy … Читать далее

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super moon three, coming to you, live

natural ecstasy. you can heal from hot injuries using water and moonlight. ive been experiencing protracted periods of spontaneous mirth since june 6   as the moon ascends, i am getting searing knots of quasi pain that seem to grab … Читать далее

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Alright, back in biz, plus wp roundup

I apologize for the unintended blogging lapse. I’ve been a bit under the weather, until the last two days, and feeling unwell, is pretty rare for me. I was not  «sick sick» like with a flu virus or something like … Читать далее

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Transhumanism vs Transgenderism: My Thoughts on the DSM V changes and WPATH

My thoughts on the DSM V changes for trans Here is what I think. I think the entire transgender-transsexual-gender identity thing should be dropped entirely from the DSM. Forever. Before I get to why, let me offer that I don’t … Читать далее

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