is it okay to be transphobic? can transgender activists recover from their numerous leadership failures? Abigail responds…


Anna Morden and Mary Blair are back this evening to field two questions from selfs asking about transgender. our first question this evening comes from Tracy who wants to know if it is okay to be transphobic… Anna?

Dear Abigail, I have many transfriends and it seems like every time I try to talk about female-centered issues, or if I ever criticise or say anything about their gender expression or their porn or their manly voices or the occasional swinging penis clearly visible in a skirt with no attempt to tuck whatsoever, I am labeled “transphobic”. It seems unfair that they are all immune from any kind of skepticism or criticism, and it seems the only way to ever avoid the dreaded “terf” accusation, is basically to agree with everything they say, pretty much about anything, always. That response in itself kinda fuels my anxiety around them, enhancing a real sense of fear of men who become trans. I guess I want to know if it is okay to be transphobic if you just can’t agree with/believe them and their ideology? – Tracy

Anna says: Dear Tracy, I, too, have often noticed a trend of bornmales who transition making transgender the center of basically every discussion that ever comes up about pretty much everything. I’ve been told by one senior trans activist that my female reproduction capability is alienating and cisprivileged, which I thought is just what a man would say, actually.

I’ve seen men in drag in the lady’s room pissing standing up, dick in hand. I’ve trepidatiously read a little transgender sissyboy erotica and forced female fantasization, I’ve seen penises swinging visibly betwixt the legs of transwomen in skirts. I’ve seen the abuse/death/rape threats sent by trans activists to gender critical and radical feminist lesbians.

I know of one case where a stealth postop who was on puberty blockers as a teen and transitioned in her twenties was stalked offline by a late-transitioner who had no female-socialization to speak of, and was utterly unpassable, all the way into a public pool in her neighborhood, for her pro-female support of women-only spaces. Unforgivable.

Another transwoman abused her spouse for becoming a radical feminist and supporting born females.

There’s at least 101 reasons to be skeptical of transwomen (transphobic) not the least of which is older transwomen who prey on younger transwomen. The way transforummods grip tightly on all conversations and don’t allow anything that hints of gender criticism, because all their transition paperwork is labeled gender, gender, gender. The dressups permits – gender therapy. The hrt permit – gender reassignment. The transition itself, treatment for gender dysphoria. No gender. No transition.

Without medical or psychological validation, they’re really just perverts and fetishists in a large social club of men who took dressups lifestyle too far, and became medically mutilated males who spend their days and nights explaining the difference between trans and “cis” in every convo online they can find – which is the final testament to their failed transition from transgender – to female.

It is not illegal to be transphobic, so if you can live with being transphobic, I say, all the power to you.

Dear Abigail, Can transgender ever recover from their numerous leadership failures? – Seneca

Mary says: dear Seneca, trans is terminally fucked for the following reasons:

  1. everything Anna said
  2. MandreaJammin revengeporning Michael Bailey
  3. JanetMock glorifying prostitution without ever being one
  4. death threats, rape threats, abuse threats from born males, to born females, over gender criticism. thatsss. terminal.
  5. backing Lupron for offlabel use on children who behave counter to their parents ideals of male-female “gender behavior”, in essence, medically interfering with a normally functioning person, to sexually alter them, based on their social behavior being labeled as a psychiatric disturbance of some kind. that is so criminal that i would airlock every tranny i ever see utter the word Lupron in connection with “treating” children
  6. every trans should detransition, or suicide, because nobody ever transitions all the way and identifies as “cis” which means your transition, failed.
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let’s face it, the number one reason transgenders identify as transgender, is inability to identify as “cis” female


are you male-to-transgender? good. im glad you stopped by one of the final bosses of the internet (as it were). you’ve reached the End of Line for your political correctness bullshit.

the biggest problem with all transgender, is that they identify as transgender.

why do *you* identify as a transgender, or a transwoman, or a trans woman?

and why don’t you identify as female?

answer? simple.

you don’t pass as female. to men and women around you.

and perhaps most importantly, you don’t pass as female, inside your mind.

you can’t ever identify as a “cisgender’ woman. you are forever stuck identifying as a transgender woman.

i think it is pathetic, that your Pride was such an unstoppable Beast that even when it was totally obvious you were not passing after six months on hormones, a year on hormones, two years on hormones… and then you went and got a boobjob, a trachea shave, and a penile inversion socket, and what happened after you were all healed up from all your surgeries?

you still did not see female in the mirror. you didn’t feel like you had gained any kind of “female mystery” which made you know for sure inside yourself, that you also were female.

at that point, you had to know you failed medical transition.

but it was when you came out as a transgender, as a consequence of not being able to bullshit yourself you are a real female, that you failed social transition as well.

i don’t feel sorry for you at all. you could have pulled the plug on that, at any time. but due to your male Pride, you couldn’t admit failure, or defeat, or inability to transition all the way. so instead of detransition, you came out as a transgender.

and then you stalked me for my mouthy anti-trans opinions on this blog, ensuring that you failed the basic binary rape test/basic binary checksum as well.

so not only did not you feel like a female after SRS and begin identifying as one
and not only did you fail to detransition when it was obvious to yourself, in the mirror, that you were not passing as female to yourself, or to anyone else, then you MABed it up good, by finding out who was writing this blog. and now you have my incurable psychic mutating virus.

i knew you would stalk me for Plastic Girl, because of your murderous malepride mandate, that grooming since birth, to be a rapist.

i snared you by my understanding of the neurons in your brain. you had two choices. close the browser, or stalk me. but it was really no choice for a male-born rapeape at all. for you, you could only chose rape. and thus, i force you, to come face-to-face, with the incontrovertible fact, that the reason you will never identify as one of us so-called “cis” females? is because:

  1. you know you dont pass socially, and i know it too
  2. you know you dont pass mentally, inside your mind, and i know it too
  3. i knew you so well in fact, that i got you to fail a basic rape test, easily, proving to us both yet another reason you identify as a transwoman, and not female. because you know you are socialised to rape, and i caught you for my rad fem friends, to show them that i “got” radical feminism, and why i despised you all, so very much.

if had i showed up to Trans100 and asked for a show of hands, how many male-to-transgender women loved reading Mary Daly, and Andrea Dworkin, or Janice Raymond or Sheila Jeffreys, there isn’t any of you, who would raise your hands.

the fact that you transgenders want to subject young boys who put on dresses or wear long hair to Lupron to suspend their puberty to validate your unpassable group of medically-mutilated male-born misogynists makes us enemies.

that, and the effortlessly debunkable claim that transwomen have no advantages sportswisr.

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why Jennifer Boylan, Janet Mock and Parker Marie Molloy all identify as transgender

i won. lol. im being silly. butt. srsly.

look at the gamut of transadvocatjacktivists…

parker marie malloy… begging for money because he hates who he sees in the mirror ***after transition***.

why did janet mock even come out? wasnt he in magazines or fashion or something…behind the scenes? who had ever heard of janet mock – before his book?

boylan… follows the harry benjamin syndrome treatment plan for people with harry benjamin sindrome…extreme textbook speedy transition. 2000, boylan reenters therapy. by 2002. he’s already done srs – meaning he’s already RealLifeTested six months at least (i assume).

thats incredible. and  he’s greenlit for everything….and is post-transition in a mere two years…then within a year publishes a book about..what? 43 manyears and two years as a transgender? who gives a shit?

over ten years later…Jennifer still identifies as transgender.

mtfs are not mtfs. only im an mtf.

mtfs are truly mtts.

it’s the most pathetic cognitive selfmindfrak ever.

tell evrrrryone you’re transitioning because you can no longer restrain the urge to express “cisgender” behaviour because:

1. you always knew since your earliest were really a girl.

2. you have a female brain or female genes that compel you to express “cisprivileged, cisgendered, cisfemale genderbehaviour” by putting on a dress, some earrings and lippy. get your pretty toes into your pantyhose and put on something with an elevated heel, anything really…get fake tits, blownup lips, a shaved adamsapple scar and a talleywhackerinversion (or just keep ur dikstik)…

then after all that work to attain the chance at living out your cisprivileged, cisgendered and cisfemale gender expression compulsion for the rest of your life in a medically mutilated male body (because it makes no logical sense to continue inhabiting a unmedically neutered/altered/plasticized body when expressing feminine gender feelings)

and then?

identify as transgender, or, as their “subsect of elitist postops” a transsexual…

and then dig in and prepare for intertranswar whenever one of two subjects comes up:

  1. why do you identify as a transsexual, and not transgender?


2. why do you personally, have to have srs when transgenders A, B, and C are totally cool with identifying as a transwoman-with-a-penus?

why is there a difference at all? why isnt it UNIVERSAL that all mtfs havetoneedtowantbadly a genital sex change?

that’s the contentious lolcow shit im talking about that goes back to the beginning of transwomen on the internet itself.

at the end of the day, part of the reason my transition to female was successful and the rest of you transitioned into transgenders, is because, unlike Parker Marie Malloy who hates his reflection in the mirror AFTER transition? i loved who i saw in the mirrors reflection, BEFORE transition.

that goes for all of you transwomen. go to the nearest mirror right now. and look into your own eyes. keep looking. and ask yourself, why did i transition into a trans woman? for further actualization points? ask yourself, why you do not identify as female.

the answer may surprise you. it’s because:

  1. you don’t truly love yourself
  2. you don’t see a born female in the mirror’s reflection

you transitioned into a transgender, instead of a “cisgender”.

you failed transition. it was totally wasted on you. you are permanently stuck in a brand new minority group consisting of born males with the privilege to use medical transition, who used it, and now do not identify as the women, those “cisfemales” that you claimed you:

1. shared brain morphology with

2. shared a “different girlhood” with

why don’t you identify as a “cis” female?

you took the hormones. you got the voice training. you got electrolysis done, ffs. you even got rid of your talleywhacker, and your jizz-filled ballsack. you got all your legal documents to claim “F” instead of “M”, and then publicly activist on behalf of former “cis” men, instead of women.

you call yourself trans*, transsexual, transgender, genderqueer, or gender variant, anything, but calling yourself, “cis” female.

you failed the mystery of medical transition. all of you.

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good news for men’s right’s activists and trans activists regarding your future

at this stage in the game, all that NSA has to do, is send you guys an email with an attachment with your entire porn history, your stalking history, with ip addresses and time stamps, and all your death threats sent to women, and each other, listed, from all your accounts.

and then you keel over from a heart attack, or reach for a gun or a noose, and kill yourself expediently.

because one look at what you wasted your life doing from a computer, means you come to the instant realisation you are not to fit to breath earth’s oxygen alongside females, and men who have better things to do.

you will truly and profoundly understand all at once,

that you, are a total failure at life. and you don’t deserve being alive when that is what you do with your life-force. you should all constantly live in fear of that. right. now.

if they emailed all of you, all at once, the cities and countryside would pop all night from the sound of boys and men, from age 12 to age 80, flat-lining themselves after a sudden look at the mirror and reading the receipt of how they improve the lives of women

skip to 31:00 for a good time

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transgender, not an identity, or medical condition, but a cult

f0r one simple reason.

in all the years since Christine Jorgensen, and in spite of WPATH, HBSOC, and TYFA, and WHO, and APA, and AMA, there are no resources to help you get over a failed transition.

as in, transiton didn’t work. you’re always depressed. you don’t identify as female, but instead as transgender, purely because you don’t pass physically and mentally. you failed transition. it means, go back to being a man.

misdiagnosis. happens.

so where are the recovery groups, the resources, the anti-transition or detransition how-to websites?

you mean to tell me, that no one at WPATH was responsible enough to add resources for failed transsexuals and those who transitioned medically, only to find they were not real girls?

that means a global denial that trans is anything but successful, and suppression of the idea, that it isn’t

it’s a Cult, Jim

they claim in-vitro hormone fuckups gave them a female-brain. since birth. that’s why it’s called Gender Confirmation. Because it confirms you are always female. So why then, do you identify us as “cis” and yourselves, as “trans”?

that means you don’t really have a female brain, does it?

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transition information and transgender resources for parents

if you are a wannabe transkid, i recommend you come here….. and read this blog instead of yahoo answers transgender, reddit transgender, selfasks self transgender selfs. susans place. or any that stuff.

if you are a parent, you should know what you are transitioning your child into. read this blog to find out the history of transwomen online, and their activism.

if you have a male child and you think he may really be a she somehow under that MAB exterior, (as it were), then you do not read tsroadmap or go to tyfa or spack or warpath or a gender therapist.

first you read Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique. then you read Cordelia Fine’s Delusions of Gender.

and then you have your son read them.

then you read Mary Daly’s Gyn/Ecology, then Andrea Dworkin’s Our Blood.

that should scare little Timmy/Tommy/Tony babez from putting on his mummy’s lippy and shoes, mk?

but if he still thinks he is a girl after you both have those read those four books. then proceed to Sheila Jeffrey’s Gender Hurts, and Janice Raymond’s The Transsexual Empire.

then you read this blog, and find out what Transgender really means.

it means being a fucking Laverne Big Cox dragqueen shemale or a Dana Daddy Dikgirl FootfetishLane Taylor, or a “bwaaa i hate who i see in the mirror” Parker Marie Molloy, or an obese spergbrglrzawwwtiztic with obesity and a love of computers and wasting your life online like Natalie Reed, Jessica Sideways, CloneDontHave400,000Points, or Valerie Keefe or Zinnia Jones, all gross people with manly voices. or they end up like Anne Lawrence and TJ who stood to piss like men up until surgery, and like detransitioned Walter Heyer, thought that the SRS procedure would imbue them with “female mystery”. witch did not happen.

it is also not uncommon for them to do “one last jerkoff” the night before the sex change surgery, which is so unbella-eve-ably gross. but that is their depravity.

it’s a turn-on to imagine getting penile snipped and inverted. and they truly think that that alone will cause a mental metamorphosis and they will see a female in the mirror when they wake up, due to having their penis inverted and then pushed in. that’s pretty fucking delusional, and its why Lisa had post-op depression for over six months after doing a properly gender gate-kept, by-the-book two-year minimalist transition starting with therapy and hrt, and ending on Meltzer’s table 720 days later and then….six. months. of depression.

because the surgery doesnt finally make you a woman.

why would you transition your child to be part of this group of fake and failed transsexuals?

and if you are a Do It Yourself basement transition retard, ask yourself why you want to be part of this group?

is this your vision of transition? to end up looking like Joello Rubylips KYran? to be permanently stuck identifying as a transgender?

the only metric of a successful transition from male to female, is identifying completely as a so-called “cis” female after. none of them do. and will go to extraordinary lengths online to explain why they are not “cis” identified.

it means they failed transition.

would you add your child to that group of fetishists, gaymeninDaNile, and mutated transvestites with ladysticks? or would have your child become like Brandi Marie Parker posting tactless and anatomically clueless information about his fake genital mods as he shows that inspite of the postoppussy and the corrected birth certificate, he publicly identifies as a transsexual woman and one with zero dignity. or they can become like June Day, and take their obvious white male bodies into a female-of-color-only tent, because entitlement. or become Zoe Allen Brain and look and sound disgusting and make up a fake spontaneous intersex story, that Chloe Prince thought he could get away with as well.

both identify as trans, not cisfemale. total transition failure from the only two fake spontaneous intersex postop transsexuals. both of whom admitted to loving dressing up feminine as boys. umm. wtf. or your child can become like Alice Kalarfarski and take his postop body to a female sexuality workshop, only to discuss his penile pleasure.

that’s trans, and that is who you are engineering your child to become. one of them. those that send deaththreats to actual born females while identifying as transwomen, in front of NASA robots. pretty stupid thing to do, actually, but yeah. thats trans. why do you want to be an unpassable raging twitter sperglord?

but if you are dead set on transitioning, i recommend choosing witch kind of woman you want to be when you finish transition.

if you want to be a transgender woman when you grow up, i recommend you choose this path for transition: How To Become Female and then come out as transgender, and open your obligatory  transidentified twitterhateaccount

if you want to be a female-identified Be-ing after transition, I recommend this path to transition: How to Become Femme and then go stealth and never ever have anything to do with that group who took the other path and became transgender women.

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Letters to Abigail, Yahoo Answers, Volume #3


welcome to another installment of Yahoo answers and Dear Abigail. as usual, Anna Morden and Mary Blair channel their centuries-deceased witch-mum to entertain and delight trans, trans-curious, transgenders, trans-skeptics, and trans-eradicationists.

Dear Abigail, Am I genderfluid? I’m so confused about who I am. I’m a fourteen year old, pansexual girl, but sometimes I feel like I’m a boy. I don’t know if I’m genderfluid or not, I’m just confused.

I would say 2/7 days of the week I want to be a boy, I want to be manly, I don’t want to have boobs and a vagina. But I’m not sure if this is just a phase I’m going through where I want to be a boy.

I’m also afraid that my family will hate me if I tell them that I think I’m genderfluid since my mum has said multiple times she doesn’t like transgenders. And most of my family will think I’m doing this for attention (like how they said when I came out as pansexual).

Am I genderfluid or not? Please I need help. – Lara

Anna says: I wouldn’t worry about being gender fluid. By definition of gender, Mary Blair is as fluid as they come. I’ve seen her rock a little black dress, shiny sheer stockings, pretty toes in pantyhose, and flattering highheels looking quite sexually available, and with her long hair and some lipstick, very feminine. But I have also seen her at her jujitsu class, putting guys in arm-bars and making them tap-out with chokes applied while they were on top of her. And she also rocks a mean Terminator look sometimes, jeans, manly boots, sunglasses walking with upright confidence, with no makeup on or girly bling to speak of.

Being female is great in that you can morph other people’s genderstraightjackets, several times a day if you like. She never “feels like a boy” when getting girly, or doing her warrior-woman thing. She has no gender, meaning she is all gender, and the very definition of gender-fluid, able to mix and match from male-female sociotypical behaviouralpresets and never worries about whether that makes her a guy.  She does not “identify” as genderfluid, genderqueer, agender, transgender, or any of that. She saw through the illusion of gender, and now acts or dresses however she chooses, and always considers herself female. Perhaps in time, you will too.

Also, you are almost certainly a heterosexual woman, and yes, you came out as pansexual just to test the waters/get a reaction/get attention from your family. To shock them basically. Because you are a confused teenager. It is also highly unlikely you are not  a virgin, and it’s doubtful you have had sex with a male, a female, a bisexual person, or a transsexual pre or post-op. You really just need to get off the internet, and grow up.  (Yahoo source)

now you may recall, i said the Yahoo Transgender Answers is a target-rich environment for finding failed transsexuals, wannabe/fake transsexuals, and trans-curious insanity. sure enough guess who we found commenting again within the last forty-eight hours? if you guess “Clones Don’t Have 400,000 Points” whose profile states he is here (trolling Yahoo) to “educate”. we found another one just like him, but rather then being post-transition trans-identified, this user, “Zaron”, is a seriously troubled teenager who is attempting to pass himself off as a transsexual, when he has not come out to his parents, had SRS, or HRT, or RLT, or gendertherapy –  but if you look at his comment/question/topic-making history, he is making a very noobish attempt to make it seem like he is “somewhere in transition”, but he has never started transition, and it’s obvious, to an intelligent adult who studies psychology as one of her primary past-times.

Dear Abigail/Transphobes, Could you please explain to me what it is you want us to do?  Every time I don *anything* to stand up for myself of trans people it’s considered over militant or over reacting. So what isn’t considered over militant or over reacting? What is it you want me to do? Should trans people let everyone trample over them?

I never stand up for myself now because I don’t want to be overzealous. This is the only thing I can think to do. My mouth is zipped shut. Am I a good trans girl? Am I how trans people should be, a role model? I hope I’m being a good representative of the trans community by doing this. I never speak up, ever. I’m not one of the vocal minority who are extremists, and I apologize for them. – Zaron

Mary says: Zaron, Zaron, Zaron. i would try finishing up growing into manhood, if I were you, and stop pretending you are a transitioned transsexual on yahoo answers. see details:

Yahoo Answers, Topic started by Zaron: “How do I make it look like I have breasts? (trans) I tried stuffing my shirt with socks, but it always looks weird. I can’t get the shape of it right. So what can I do? Yahoo Source: here

Yahoo Answers, Topic started by Zaron: “Is there such a thing as reverse true scum?” –  “I’ve noticed that some trans people seem to be the opposite of true scum, and rather than saying you aren’t trans if you don’t have dysphoria, they say dysphoria is invalid. That has the same problem because you’re deciding things about other people’s gender for them.” Yahoo Source: here

And here, Zaron replies to an admitted troll, who asked “why don’t trans women admit that they WERE a man?” by replying, “I used to live as a boy. That doesn’t mean I was one.”

i see through you, Zaron, sissyboy. can’t hack it as a man eh? wow. early societal failure. a male-born using an avatar that hints of looking like Jessica Sideways, claiming in the space of a week, that he used to live as a boy, and, that he needed help trying to stuff his bra because socks were not shaping right.

and look who showed up to young Zaron’s Yahoo-Question, a late transitioner TOOTSIE named “PamM” right on schedule. another “Transgender for those who are not” type, late transitioner, aka, autogynephilic pervert preying on someone he thinks is a just-starting out transsexual.

the first piece of advice Pam offers to Zaron, involves pantyhose! What else?

welcome to the Transclub Zaron, you managed to lure one of those nasty older male Transvestites who LUV FESTISHIZING YOUNG TRANSPEOPLE, because they are jealous, unpassable, and perverts, and you have not even taken a single estrogen. you’re just a trans-curious troll teen, and you got your first late-life mtf stalker already. nice job.

we have to get back to “Clones Don’t Have 400, 000 (wastedlife) Points”

Dear Abigail, Is it transphobic to find transgender unattractive? – Anonymous

Mary says: it is very reasonable in light of what we call on this blog the “Alice Cooper Twisted Sister” look, to find men who transitioned into men in drag with women’s names unattractive. we are sex-wired to find members of the same or opposite sex attractive, and transgenders look like Frankensteinian Mistakes – men, who failed to become female through the application of modern medicine. and yes, it renders them unattractive to both sexes. that’s their fault. not society’s. they can always detransition or commit suicide to avoid being ridiculed for a bad sex change. either is fine with me.

but this little shit, “Clones Don’t Have 400,00 Life-wasted-on-the-internet-Points”, is another “Dr. Donna” from Jezebel comments type, late-transitioner, utterly unpassable, doesn’t even use a womanesque name like Pam the Transvestite on Hormones. remember, ClonesDH4kP is here, “to educate”, and his profile is filled with links to transition resources for beginning transsexuals and life-style transgenders alike.

this idiot responds to Anonymous with,

“Hate to tell you, but you’ve probably met (and liked) a couple dozen transsexual people and never even knew it.  See your question is based on a false premise, that you can tell who is trans and who isn’t and usually you can’t. I won’t say it’s transphobic, but it does indicate you have a prejudice.” ClonesDon’tHave400,000Points  Clone’s “to educate” profile: here

well, i hate to be the one to burst your fantasy werld, Clones, but this is called a “Trans Trope”. statistics seem to indicate Transsexuals are extremely rare, and tend to be concentrated in liberal cities with protections and free services and antidiscrimination laws. meaning….what? one does not simply meet and like dozens(!) of transsexuals, and never know it. Clones should have never transitioned. that is three times I have seen pure 100% transdelusion coming from this person, as they grind towards 1,000,000 points of wasted-on-yahooanswers-life. Clones is gross, probably spergtastic or awwwtiztic, or both, or something. never leaves his computer. is never seen in public. and unlike all the other Yahoo trannys, Clones can’t even use a girl name. wtf.

you create propaganda, “…dozens of transsexuals…met and liked…without ever knowing they were trans…”

and I cause a counter-spin, “most transsexuals are unpassable, and what few concentrations of them there are exist in larger-ish cities”,

witch means…if you don’t live in those cities, and do not attend a liberal Uni, your chances of seeing one of these easy-to-see from a distance male medical mutants is extremely slim

that is how i deal with crazy people. i provide the anticrazy. the antidote you are never ready to take. until next time.

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my review of the movie Transamerica

i think it goes without saying, i was disgusted by the movie Transamerica.

none of the protagonist’s struggles were relevant to me.

from the opening scenes of piling on the makeup and pantyshapers,

to MandreaJammins voice stuff.

to going to therapy with a therapist half her age seemingly.

Bree finds out she sired a male from Penis In Vagina with the male’s biological female mother and has to deal with him before being cleared to get the waiver for sex reassignment surgery.

um. wtf.

first, the intent was to make the gender therapist seem like she was doing proper gatekeeping or something, but her for to withhold her permissionslip for a medically necessary procedure to correct nature’s mistake is abhorrent.

the young kid totally doesnt need his world upended with this shit, and neither does Bree!

pure drama for drama’s sake.

so, from the gendercounseling appointment on out, i resent both the gender therapist for forcing family contact as a condition of getting a birth defect corrected with estranged or unknown family who dont even know Bree, and who would be the least effected by Bree vanishing to an SRS clinic for a week or two. and Bree for tolerating this woman’s attempt to jack her surgery with the date merely a week away.  disgusting. I would have fired her instantly.

lets skip all the way through everything and just cut to the chase.

i endured this movie….up until Bree really really needed to urinate badly on the highway, at night, and gets out of the car, walks to the back of the car with no chaperone or someone watching her back, pulls up her skirt, whips out her dik, and pisses on the ground like a fucking man.

now i understand from TJ from Ohio and several others TS/TGs, that this is not uncommon, but ffs, i was peeing like a girl before i transitioned

totally inappropriate scene that did not resonate with me at all, like the rest of the movie.

i knew i had issues, so i worked on figuring them out, rather than man-up and go do the doodthing that Jennifer Boylan did.

i also knew from my pretransition orgasm thresholds, and my preference for squatting to pee with yann0, some kind of cover like the broadside of the car, a shrub, a sweatshirt wrapped around my waist so my white asscheeks aren’t showing, or even a gf body-blocking for me, as i pee, that i had girlneuralwires, and girlsocialisation

none of that was in the script, which was influenced by transadvocates. hmmm.

the only tiny parallel that any of this movie had for me, was, when i found out i was getting SRS, and had ALL MY LETTERS IN A ROW AND THE APPOINTMENT WAS SCHEDULED, i emailed three women, to apologise for any maabtasticisms i might have done in my oldlife. one of whom was an aunt who i had not seen in ten years, the other, my mother, who i had not seen in far longer.

the pulling out the dick to piss golden arches in plain view of incoming car headlights, so fucking gross. so not something i would have done, or allowed into the script. its mortifying that this movie was representative of trans, but, actually it is representative of trans. just not representative of me.

i disliked this movie intensely.

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sunday break-fast slam

good morning churchgoers. polls say atheism is on the rise, (hence all the anti-depressant users, right?) but most Americans, or the majority, are religious. meaning? they absorbed religious instruction, then never ran any scientificspiritual experiments to see if any of it was true. its funny how the voice of youngmaleatheists, is that of a condescending knowitall wretch. each one thinks theyre a genius for having figured out the Bible is BS. and then? they never go deeper. time spent trolling xtians on the internet to tell them theyre idiots, when they could instead be going through wikipedia looking at other forms of spiritual inquiry.

if all you xtians watched the movie “Flatliners”, then put eachother into temporarydeathstates, then revived each other, and documented each others experiences, and find out how many of you have deathexperiences, exactly like those you heard about from adults growing up? why does nobody who is Christian, die, get revived, and promptly convert to Islam or Hinduism?

  1. look up child development and the psychology of learning
  2. read the Bardo Thodol, and learn about MAYA.

after that, realize you got cheated out of spacetimedimension shift, because you were pre-wired at the neuronalhardware level, due to socialcultureconversations, to have a Gandalf/Moses in CloudCity experience. all you had to do, to not see HeavenorHell, is undo the chemicalmemorybonds attached to encodedideas about the Christian afterlife, and you would have had something interesting to talk to each other about. but that defeats the point of voluntarily joining your peers in Faith. Faith might as well come with it a disclaimer, ***never test***.

you can probably tell i look down on both rabid youngmaleatheistinternettrolls, and everyone muslimxtianjew for being so unfuckingsophisticated, you couldnt be bothered to do the hard work of either

  1. furthering your newfound atheism with ontology/spirituality
  2. scientifically testing your respective bibles according to ontological principles

but testing your Beliefs, takes the fun out of AdultMakeBelieve, and using ontology to spiritually mature and grow the fuck up takes all the fun out of trolling xtians into a BWAAAA fit on the internet

i understand how you werk, mentally, better than you do. i have psychologicalhax. you xtians and atheist trolls are lost souls, Mundanes. and it is a good thing there is no Heaven or Hell, because spending eternity with blindfaithchristians and atheisttrolls actually sounds like Hell. oh wait, we have that situation, now. see? ontology. this is Hell. and im the only one in Heaven, because i took the time, to decode my brainneuronweb, and  no one else did.

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Joelle Ruby Ryan (j0ello ruby2lips KYran)

Joelle. Ruby. Ryan. lol. Transilience.  what. the fuck. where you thinking bro? the first time i attempted to view your selfdocumentary, i got about 9 seconds into it, and just gagged, then closed the browser. your voice says *Dudeinside.

i actually have made it halfway through today, and just had to share my thoughts.

i understand that you tried a feeble pill overdose, at the age of 20, in your hardworking, conservative, well-off parents home because – get this – they wouldnt let you dressup “en femme”.


you are weak

i know your parents are well-off because you bragged about them sending you to Exeter.  everyone who goes to Exeter has parents who live in a nice fucking house in middleclassburbtopia, and you never had a want for anything growing up. they likely took care your college tuition as well, since you made no mention of studentdebt. hey at least when you were in college then, your apartment actually had a kitchen.

what relieves your gender dyphoria? dress ups, and lots of it.

where do you get off taking a fistfull of pills because your parental oppression due to them putting a boundary on your open perversion? poor Joello eh? they are religious, hardworking, obviously they know how to be successful. they invested in your teenage life, and your adult life, and all they asked is you not crossdressforless around them, and that to you, is worth a half-hearted suicide attempt?

yeah. you are one resilient individual, Joelle.

then painstakingly bore us to tears with your run-of-the-mill off-to-college-greatness spiel. earning your trannyactivist wings by hanging out with…gay people? why? because you were a severely closeted gayman.

thing is, i know for a fact, from looking at the pretransition awkwardintrovert Cure-loving emo images of you, that you never lost your virginity as a man. too weird to get a girl, or a gay top. you transition, admit you don’t pass, and so, since your too obstinate to identify as a male, due to maledoodlinesschecking, and you freaking know you are not female, so what else is left? to create a self-identity that is neither male, nor female. but trans.

not being a gay bottom, you never got any gaypenusloving. not being a female, or even a passable transgender, with your voice, and appearance, and generally cluelessness, you never got lucky with a born female, after transition. so you, Joello, are almost certainly a virgin, whose primary experience of oppression, was being told he was a fag for wanting to Divaitup with Dressups.

all those years in college…and that prepared you to discuss women’s oppression? a privileged mab with loving parents who easymoded your path to adult success, and threw it all in their face by being unable to just be a real man. and you’re not a real woman, you admitted this.

since you were stupid enough to stalk me after my posts at Plastic Girl in 2011, you know, and I know, who is really fucked in the head. what do you think Joelle? you think you “get” female oppression? or is what you “get” merely the disgust and disbelief that a boy with your background could fuck himself up medically, over dress-ups lifestyle.

understand that you are absolutely disgusting… to me. while you were popping madpillsyo, over depression about being banned from crossdressing at home as an adult, or  while in college, when you went dressedup to support groups with other dressups boys. i almost got raped or killed, wearing a minskirt, and highheels, and redlipstick, when a couple men in a vehicle asked me where i was going, and chased me down a street after stalking me in their car for fifteen minutes, the first time i ever wore that outfit, in public.

guess what? transition medicineprivilege was utterly wasted on you.

just a bit of advice? with your body, and your health, i would worry constantly about Deep Vein Thrombosis if I were , ok?

video not related to anything

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my 13 point mandate to correct transgender activism


as all you trannies know, i have declared war on you all. the only way my wardec ever comes off is if you surrender and submit to my demands at once. the following are my list of terms of surrender, and they are not negotiable.

  1. All transgenders activists will cease activist efforts to get men in prison for murder, a free transition on the Public’s Expense, so that they can get a Neo-vagina, and then be moved to a female prison. That shit stops now you fucking psychos.
  2. All transgender activists will run their plans for documentaries that millions of people will see, past me first. If you are an embarrassment to trans with your voice, face, and appearance, your documentary is a no-go.
  3. From henceforth no trans-documentaries will feature fucking before-and-after transition photos, or names, you disgusting idiots.
  4. If you are not desperate for sex-reassignment, and consider being as close to female-bodied as possible to be a vastly higher priority then getting scored on your dressups-readout, and if you are a pantywhacker/pantysniffer, you are not a transsexual, and you may not speak for transsexuals.
  5. In light of the Zoey Tur debacle, there will be no more late transitioners male to female autogynephiles doing interviews. You are an absolute embarrassment with your manly bodies, your long history as a man, your doodly voices. You all are disgusting, wearing your mother’s clothes. Zoey Tur, a total Tough Guy Tootsie. I half expected him to say to Shapiro that he was Todd, or that he had the most sniper kills during his deployment in the Sandbox, and had dispatched enemies with his bare hands and came out top of his Ranger Class… un-fucking-bella-eve-able testosterone poisoning in that behemoth of a man.
  6. In the same vein, there will be absolutely no more dragging intersexed conditions, into any conversation about trans, anywhere, ever again! Intersexism, is a medical condition, and we all know that everything having to do with Trans is attached to Gender. Genderdysphoriadisorder. Genderreassignmentconfirmation. Remember? Gender is a concept, an idea in your brainpan, and has nothing to do with your fucking DNA and nonstandard genital configurations at birth you fucking retards.
  7. The facebook swarming and Petition against the women selling red tshirts was abominable. If it were up to me, I’d give you a Protestant Knee-capping, each and every person who was involved. Unfuckingreal. That will never happen again. Understand?
  8. All protests of radical feminist speaking platforms by transgender will cease immediately. If you insist on harassing women while you are transitioning to become one, I insist that you detransition, so I don’t have to be embarrassed by your stupidity.
  9. Never again must a transgender woman protest a rape shelter. Just defucking. transition.
  10. Likewise, if you are thinking about crashing a Lierre Keith event, just think about killing yourself, mmk?
  11. As of now, the “T” in LGBT, means Trans, and is no longer affiliated with a group of people bound together by sexual orientation politics. Trans has nothing to do with that at all, remember? Transgender =  lifestyle dressups. Transsexual =  correcting a birth defect to become a stealthtrans, or just a woman. In addition, TS is no longer to be affiliated with TG. TS is for transsexual, a person with a birthdefect that longs to be as close to sex=female as possible, and only wants to live in total stealth. TS has nothing at all to do with men who crossdress, keep their PENUS while fapping to SHEMALEPRON, or any other pron, and mutate themselves with HRT and a little plastic surgery. THEY HAVE NOTHING AT ALL IN COMMON WITH TS, GOT IT?
  12. The Wars on Twitter against gender critical feminists and rad fems must cease immediately. If you have ever even so much as thought about sending a radfem on twitter a deaththreat, kill yourself. If you already have sent a deaththreat to a radfem while calling yourself a Transgender or Transsexual and sharing trans-sex medicine privilege with me, know that NASA robots hoovered your tweet, it’s on your permanent record, and I need you to kill yourself, for me.
  13. No one activisting for transgender or genderdysphoria may ever utter the word Lupron again. If I find out you’re pro Lupronning children for Trans, your soul belongs to me.
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why do identify as transgender? how transition medicine privilege failed

sometimes a comment can stand in for a post, but as i wanted to make this insight a post in of itself.

the beginning of the end of transgender medicine, is the authoring of transgender books.

there isss a book called “transgender for those who are not”

and the cover is graced by a perfect Tootsie-looking posterboy. a late transitioner lol. a eunuch.

JaneMock and  ParkernMolloy both do the same thing!

by authoring a book like that, you are basically handing the world your psychological profile, a confession of sorts, as to why you failed to transition into a “cis” woman.

it’s like “hey everyone! i used trans medicine and i absolutely do NOT identify as a female! can I get a “grats!”…?

lol, nicely done.

Julia Serano was not the leader you all needed. he was your destroyer.

he also wrote a book, essentially explaining why not only is he, but also, all of you, not female, by segregating male-borns who are pre and post transitoning to become women, into a class called transgender/transsexual. and he also, never checked with me first to see if that wasser good fucking idea. basically everyone with the word TRANS anywhere on their social media profile, is part of this gigantic group of people that are all born as XY males, and consist of a mash-up of “identities” and “expressions”.

and thanks to transgenders enforcing transgender terminology onto public media perception, everyone born male, wearing female drag, on or off hormones, with or without a pussy, with or without a pornwanking problem, with or without passing ability, with or without mental illness, with or without proper voice training isbecum just one giant group of formerly identified males, in various degrees of hormonal mutation or surgical rearrangement, whose internet voices sound suspiciously like MRAs…

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transgender activists, i pee on your graves

i dont know how else to break it to you. you’re all completely doomed for the following reasons:

  • Serano. in my opinion almost everything you ever said, transactivistwsr, may just pale in comparison to the tweet that destroyed. the instant your tweet regarding being “alienated” by female biology, pregnancy, of all things, you might as well as killed yourself. why no females, males or trans emailed you promptly after that tweet to say, “nighty night Julia, it’s over” is beyond me. possibly the stupidest thing to ever come out of a transwoman’s mouth but entirely unsuprising given that you see yourself as trans and us, as “cis”. when i saw that i laughed and i knew it was over for you. it was exactly what a man would say.
  • Mock. was never a prostitute. no way. the fact that he complained so dearly about
    “transmisogyny” means he does not think of himself as female. duh! sitting on television in the clothes i was wearing as a call girl glorifying what was to me, one of the scariest times of my life, you called empowering. you can burn in the fires of hell, Janet.
  • Andrea James revenge porning Michael Bailey over a book was the end of him. activist. fail. then he had to throw himself into a political coffin by espousing fucking Lupron and TYFA. yea. lets bring more people, young people, into your group of lunatic angry men in pantyhose with pushed-in penises. what an amazing future for young trans. grow up with Andrea James as one of your trans role models. lol! bubaiii!
  • Alice Kalarfarski entering a woman’s sexuality workshop at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, and authoring a penile masturbation narrative. what the fuck is wrong with you? hang yourself. you never transitioned.
  • June Day, a tall manly white tranny trespasses first, the MWMF femalebornintention, then, as if that wasnt insensitive enough, has the gall to walk into a female woman-of-color tent like the boundary of WOC didn’t mean a thing to this guy either. of course. why should it? entitlment plus mab training, pretty much spells social transition failure.
  • Natalie Reed taking it upon himself to wear a “diefemalescum” jacket while transitioning to live as a woman, personally championed Lupron for children, and also personally protested Vancouver Rape Relief. three strikes, ur out kiddo. kill yourself. your transition was utterly pointless and a total failure.
  • Zoey Tur, the instant you leaned over and threatened a man sitting in a chair asking you questions that he was going to get a ride home in an ambulance, you entered Beast Mode Tough Guy Terminatorlol. You failed transition on live television in front of millions of females to see how tough, and how angry, and how intimidating you really are. not one female on Earth would ever want to be in the fucking restroom with you, after showing off your Silverback GorillasintheMist Act. you’re doomed. no one will ever take you seriously as a woman.
  • Lorelei Bailey. i’ve seen you naked with your dick out looking like a cross between Dee Snyder, Anne Lawrence, and Dana Lane Taylor. you’ve been busted. remove yourself from the planet. you muppet-eyed sociopath
  • Sarah Brown. you admit to attempting to make a catchy “neologism” out of Neo-vagina grossness to label a woman you thought was “asking for it”. you bragged publicly about pickling your surgically removed testicles in a jar. you also claimed lesbian status, and then claimed on behalf of lesbians, that not all lesbians like vaginas. like you have a fucking clue about lesbians after your years of heterosexual marriage. your poor wife!
  • the tranny that caused a 200 girl walk-out over his swinging PENUS between his legs in a skirt over his need for attention, get thee to a mental institution immediately
  • Sophie Blanks, detransitioning for a bit, going back to boy mode, to make money, because making money as a woman is too hard… is a lesson all by itself for everyone but you, apparently. you’re so gross.
  • all the gross transvestites ive seen pissing in the women’s room wearing slut-gear, with your miniskirt lifted and your dick in hand. you are pantywhackers. perverts. you claim transgender status to use the women’s restroom while “dressed en femme” and being a transgender pantywhacker, unfortunately lumps you in the same political group as transsexuals who are just auto-defaulted into transgender. that is very fucking unfair…to me.
  • I know of one case where a stealth postop who was on puberty blockers as a teen and transitioned in her twenties was stalked offline by a late-transitioner who had no female-socialization to speak of, and was utterly unpassable, all the way into a public pool in her neighborhood, for her pro-female support of women-only spaces. Unforgivable.
  • putting bounties on women. females. while you are transitioning into a woman. is the highest level of fail second only to stalking women into actual restrooms or lockerrooms to kill them over things they said on the internet that, get this, hurt your fucking feelings. O. M. G. not only did Dana Lane Taylor put a bounty on a born female while transitioning, Cristin Williams, and Autumn Sandeen both backed him up, claiming something needed to be done about TERF asymmetrical warfare. WHAT THE FUCK! GET OFF TWITTER TRANS JACK THE RIPPERS!
  • your cause is terminal
  • Serano handed you the means to remove yourselves from this world. if you identify as trans, instead of “cis”, it means your entire transition is a total waste. you failed to become female, and you knew it when you began transition. you just wouldnt admit it yourself.
  • none of you pass. Serano saved you from your confusion. those of you who are trans-identified, instead of female-identified, made a serious mistake in transition
  • and fell for
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